A reminder: SchoolHouse Rock’s ‘Three Ring Government’


Kelly McParland: You could say Trudeau’s Liberals accomplished one thing this year — disappointing everyone

Andrew Coyne: Trudeau government must be prepared in case Trump keeps any campaign promises


Top Ten Trudeau Misfires of 2016
#10 – His failure to show up for work!
#9 – The massive Paris delegation!
#8 – The moving expense scandal!
#7 – Cancelling Conservative tax breaks!
#6 – Refusing to call ISIS atrocities a genocide!
#5 – His glowing praise for Fidel Castro!
#4 – The reckless spending of Liberal Ministers!
#3 – Refusing a referendum on democratic reform!
#2 – The cash-for-access scandal!
#1‎ – The crippling Liberal debt.

Elections commissioner urged to investigate cash-for-access allegations



Justin Trudeau and David MacNaughton, Canada’s Ambassador to the United States, welcome members of the 115th Congress.

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reached out in a video address to the new U.S. Congress on Tuesday to stress how tightly linked the economies of Canada and the United States are, amid fears of a protectionist Donald Trump administration.

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How Trudeau gets it!!!



Liberals looking at taxing Health Benefits
The new internet taxes being considered by Liberals






‘Feminist’ Trudeau under attack for attending gender-segregated event at Ottawa mosque

“That’s the big differential for liberals, they fancy themselves as honouring the women’s body and yet the segregation by its very definition hyper-sexualizes women’s bodies. That’s the great irony.”

This kid speaks for every Canadian forced to listen to this guy speak…


If you spend your time pushing a broken wagon up a hill don’t expect a ride down

In honor of #InternationalDayofpeoplewithdisability Christy Clark should repeal her odious bus pass policy

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, protesters say B.C. isn’t doing enough

Christy Clark says province close to endorsing Trans Mountain pipeline expansion
Christy Clark Says Feds Are ‘Very Close’ To Meeting Her Conditions For Kinder Morgan Pipeline Approval

meaning #FirstNation rights ignored.

Christy Clark wants to lift ban on setting oil spills on fire, toxic chemical dispersants




What the B.C. Liberals new home buying scam actually looks like


B.C. Liberals should end unethical payments to Premier Clark


POLL: 70% of BC Public Support Pausing Site C Dam Construction
Clark vows to ‘get past point of no return’

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One in Five Kids in BC Is Poor, Report Finds
Despite small gains in reducing poverty, ‘a lot of people are just holding on.’

How Christy can even sleep at night knowing that we have one of the highest poverty rates in Canada — and we are the ONLY province without a poverty reduction plan — is beyond my comprehension

We are talking about a government that spent $514 million on a stadium roof, gave $1 million to Clark’s church, sold publicly owned land for far less than appraisers said it was worth (costing taxpayers the loss of $43 million, according to the NDP), offers some of the best tax breaks for corporations in Canada and just sold a ferry that recently had $15 million of upgrades for a reported $1.8 million (to a former B.C. Ferries manager, no less).

We like to think of ourselves as a caring, civilized society, but in fact we have been tolerating and sustaining shameful levels of child and family poverty for decades
Christy Clark pledges new loan program for first-time buyers means more young people can afford a home in B.C.


“It’s good politics, but bad policy”, explains Michael Prince, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Victoria
Opinion: B.C.’s new first-time homebuyer loans are a bad idea

Top 9 Scandals Of Christy Clark, B.C. Liberal Party
9. YogaGate
8. B.C. taxpayers lose $43 million in land deal
7. Child labour laws
6. Christy’s LNG fiasco
5. Christy’s ethnic vote plan
4. Education crisis
3. Religious connections
2. The Nestlé controversy
1. Health care firings



The government can’t fire eight health researchers and claim Health Minister and Head of Public Service doesn’t know why.
B.C. health researcher firing scandal timeline
Christy Clark’s office involved in controversial firing of health researchers, claims NDP

Child care costs MORE than a mortgage payment!
What does child care actually cost in Canada?

The notion that media corporations donate to governing party would be considered betrayal of journalism
5 Seriously Disturbing B.C. Political Donations



Clark will tell you she “balanced the budget”. She did it by refusing to support those who need it most.
Opinion: B.C.’s balanced budgets paid for by Liberals’ social services deficit

‘It’s embarrassing’: Experts, politicians weigh in on NYT article exposing B.C. political cash

Revealed: Inside the B.C. Government’s Site C Spin Machine






NAFTA was an epic failure for the people and an epic success for the corporate cabal.

Proponents claimed that NAFTA will “grow” the economies and creating jobs and wealth for Canada, USA, and Mexico.

That didn’t happen.

The NAFTA experience shows that any benefits went almost exclusively to the wealthy and big corporations. While CEO salaries and corporate profits have soared in Canada since 1994, family and worker incomes have stagnated and family debt has risen to historic levels.

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The Giant Sucking Sound: Ross Perot Was Right



NAFTA ‘a disaster’ and I’ll renegotiate, says Donald Trump
If Donald Trump kills NAFTA, Canada could benefit: Walkom



That is a strong mandate for proportional representation.



Define neoliberalism:



Neoliberalism is creating loneliness. That’s what’s wrenching society apart

Everywhere we are told that we will prosper through competitive self-interest and extreme individualism.

Six quick thoughts about Australian politics at the moment



Dr. Gordon Edwards:   How I Became An Anti-Nuclear Activist



Canada nuclear plant accident turns drinking water radioactive

Small Modular Reactors

Nuclear watchdog says Small Modular Reactors are ‘unrealistic’


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Media Blackout:   Canada Plans to Dump Nuclear Waste Less Than Mile from US Border

Nuclear power industry seeks new tax credits
The nuclear power industry is seeking new tax credits to help it find its footing in an increasingly challenging marketplace.


Sechelt’s New Wastewater Treatment Facility

Located in downtown Sechelt on the site of the former Ebbtide Wastewater Treatment Plant and Parks & Public Works site, the new Water Resource Centre includes a greenhouse that uses innovative organic processes to filter waste products as a key feature of the treatment process. The design of the facility integrates with the surrounding neighbourhood and the adjacent Sechelt Marsh park.


District of Sechelt Public Document Library

For information or assistance finding a document, please contact the District of Sechelt at (604) 885-1986 or email


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Please take this poll:


What do you look for when shopping for a new home?

>> Awesome upgrades
>> Move-in ready condition
>> Location, location, location!
>> No smaller than a mini-mansion
>> Other

How long does it take you to completely unpack after moving in?

>> 3 days – I’m an unpacking MACHINE!
>> I need a full month just to figure out where to put everything!
>> 3 months – I use the boxes as end tables!
>> NEVER! I still haven’t unpacked everything from the last move.
>> Other

The one luxury that I would pay extra for when looking for a home:

>> An indoor swimming pool or hot tub
>> Heated bathroom floors (no more cold feet!)
>> A heated driveway … No more shovelling!
>> A home cinema room
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Is it important to own a house?

>> 1. Yes, owning a home is an investment that will pay off.
>> 2. No, I’d rather save my money and rent.
>> 3. No, I can’t afford to buy a home.
>> 4. I don’t know.

Is now a good time to buy a house?

>> Yes, prices will continue to rise.
>> No, Canada is facing a housing bubble and prices will eventually fall.
>> I don’t know.

Looking for a Cheap Place to Live in Canada? These are the 10 Cheapest Cities

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