No Ordinary Downturn
Recession In Canada? Economists Say No, But Good Reason To Believe Otherwise
Is Canada in a recession? A majority of Canadians think so. The data and economists say otherwise.

Why Canadians Have Good Reason For Believing The Country Is In Recession

Whoa: Quebec Loses 2% Of All Jobs In 7 Months

Something is wrong with the Quebec economy

Canada’s Industrial Plants Shutting Twice As Fast As U.S.’s: Report

Industrial Info Resources, a business intelligence group, reported on Friday that Canada saw 79 industrial plant closings in 2011, costing nearly 14,000 jobs, while the U.S. saw 430 plant closings and 63,000 jobs lost.

Given the relative sizes of the U.S. and Canadian economies, this indicates that the pace of industrial plant closings, as well as related job losses, is about twice as high in Canada as in the U.S.

The Real Foreign Interests In The Oil Sands
What Ottawa doesn’t want you noticing