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Would you spend a $100 for this?

Why the name “Dragon Dog”?

The launch of this hot dog coincides with the beginning of Chinese Year of the Dragon. It also coincides with their appearance on Dragon’s Den, the most popular show on Canadian television.”

Dragon Dog is the first hot dog in the world to sell for three figures. It challenges current Guinness record holder the “haute dog” at Serendipity restaurant in New York which costs $69.

A Vancouver eatery is billing its new Dragon Dog as the most expensive hotdog in the world.

DougieDog Hot Dogs says the footlong creation is “mouth-wateringly delicious” — and it’ll set diners back $100.

The Dragon Dog is made with a bratwurst infused with century-old Louis the 13th cognac, which costs more than $2,000 a bottle.

Other ingredients include Kobe beef seared in olive and truffle oil, fresh lobster and a secret picante sauce.

DougieDog proprietor dougie luv says he wanted to come up something “super tasty and high-end” that stays true to the traditional identity of the hot dog.

The restaurant claims the Dragon Dog is the first hotdog in the world to sell for three figures, challenging the $69 “haute dog” at Serendipity restaurant in New York.

Vancouver eatery says its $100 hotdog is infused with $2,000 a bottle cognac

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World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog: Broxton Roxs sets world record
BOSTON, MA, USA — The Brockton Rox of the independent Cam-Am League celebrated National Hot Dog Day by unveiling a $80 “K-O Dog,” created by On-Field emcee Troy Goodwin and Brockton Rox executive Chef Ben Glanz; it contains mushroom dust, caviar and creme freche topping – setting the new world record for the Most expensive hot dog.

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Meet the $69 hot dog
Serendipity 3, often written Serendipity III is a restaurant in the Upper East Side of Manhattan founded by Stephen Bruce in 1954.

It’s official; the Guiness World Records has declared the “haute dog” at New York’s legendary Serendipity 3 as the most expensive hot dog in the world, at $69 a serving.’s Karina Mitchell reports.