Federal politics:

Honourable Sheila Copps – Sheila Copps has been a prominent figure in Canadian politics for more than 35 years. She was the first woman to hold the position of deputy prime minister. She also served for 10 years in the federal cabinet, both as minister of the environment and minister of Canadian heritage. She announced her retirementfrom politics after narrowly losing the Liberal president race to Michael Crawley in 2012.

Nycole Turmel – Little was known about interim federal NDP Leader Nycole Turmel until the late Jack Layton announced he would be taking time off in July, 2011. He recommended the Hull-Aylmer MP be given the position of interim of the New Democratic Party. Before joining politics in 2011, she held numerous union positions, including national president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. She was the first woman to hold that job.

Peggy Nash – Peggy Nash serves as the New Democratic Party member of parliament for Parkdale-High Park in Toronto. She has experience as an executive for a large private sector union and is a leader on economic affairs. She has been the opposition finance critic since the 2011 federal election. She is currently a candidate for the NDP leadership race.

Right Honourable Kim Campbell – After Kim Campbell‘s time as the 19th Prime Minister of Canada, she stayed active as a global business and political speaker. Campbell has served as the secretary general of Club Madrid, where former heads of government promote democratization with leaders of transitional governments. She has also served on the Council of Women World Leaders, the Foundation of Effective Governance and the World Movement for Democracy.

Olivia Chow – Olivia Chow has been the MP for Trinity-Spadina in Toronto since 2006. Her political career started with Toronto’s City Council when, in 1991, she became the first Asian woman to be elected. She has advocated for many high-profile initiatives, such as universal, non-profit national child care program and immigration reform.


Elizabeth May – As the current leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May is a prominent environmentalist. In the 2011 election, she became the first Green Party candidate to be elected into the House of Commons.

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