How does Canada measure up?

part 1

Canada is a big county, 9,984,670 square kilometres in fact, second in size only to Russia. So how else does Canada measure up?

Post confederation prime ministers

Two: The number of the original 36 Fathers of Confederation in 1867 who later served as prime minister, John A. Macdonald and Charles Tupper.

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Famous quintuplets

Five : The number of daughters born to Elzire and Oliva Dionne on May 28, 1934. Annette, Emilie, Yvonne, Cecile and Marie became world famous after their birth and, later, the subject of a custody fight between their parents and the Ontario government.

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Most prime ministerial mandates

Six : Most mandates won by a prime minister, shared by John A. Macdonald and Mackenzie King. At 21 years, 154 days in total, King is the longest-serving prime minister.

Silver screen Canadians

Six: Number of acting Oscars won by Canadian-born performers, four for the women (Mary Pickford, Norma Shearer, Marie Dressler, Anna Paquin), two for the men (Harold Russell, Walter Huston).

Rideau Canal

rideau canal

7.8 kilometres long: The Rideau Canal, when frozen, is considered the world’s longest natural rink, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Olympic hockey triumphs

11: Number of Olympic gold medals Canada has won in hockey, eight for the men, three for the women.

Queen visits Canada

22: Number of visits Queen Elizabeth has made to Canada, the most to any country in the British Commonwealth, since her accession to the throne in 1952.

Prime ministers

22: Number of people who have been prime minister, 21 men, one woman.

Governors general

28: Number of governors general Canada has had, 25 men, three women.

Front Page Challenge

38: Number of years the current events show Front Page Challenge aired on CBC television, the longest run of any of the network’s non-sports programs.

Hockey Night in Canada

59: Number of years Hockey Night in Canada has been broadcast on the CBC, the network’s longest-running program.

Maple syrup production

85: Approximate percentage of the world’s maple syrup produced in Canada.

maple syrup

Record members elected

211: Number of seats won by Brian Mulroney’s Conservatives in the 1984 federal election, the record for most seats won by any one party.

Order of Canada

220: Maximum number of appointments per year that can be made to the Order of Canada, awarded for a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. In this image then Governor General Michaelle Jean invests environmentalist David Suzuki as a companion into the Order of Canada in 2006.

Longest running drama in English

387: Number of episodes of The Beachcombers, broadcast on CBC television from 1972 to 1990, making it the longest-running English-Canadian dramatic series.

Canada’s tallest structure


553: Height, in metres, of the CN Tower, the tallest structure in Canada.

World’s longest street

1,896: Length, in kilometres, of Yonge Street, running from Toronto north to Barrie, Ont., and recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest street in the world.

World’s longest border

8,891: Length, in kilometres, of Canada’s border with the United States (including Alaska), the longest border between two countries in the world.

Canada’s largest university

74,760: Total student enrollment (2008) at the University of Toronto, the largest in the country.

Niagara Falls per minute


6,000,000: Approximate cubic feet of water that flows over the crest of Niagara Falls every minute during peak daytime tourist hours.

Making money


24,460,000: Number of loonies minted in 2010, according to the Royal Canadian Mint.

Internet access

26,960,000: Approximate number of Canadians who have access to the Internet as of 2009, according to The World Factbook, produced by the Central Intelligence Agency.

How many Canadians?

34,030,589: Population of Canada, as of July, 2011.