There’s something about government towns and extramarital affairs.

A new study by Ashley Madison — a dating website for people who want to cheat on their significant others — found that Ottawa leads the nation in the number of people looking for a little something on the side.

And according to the website’s research — which is based on its subscription rates —the same is true in the United States, where Washington leads the pack.

Ashley Madison said: “Ottawa is a city filled with people holding government jobs that are considered mundane and filled with red tape and bureaucracy … Adding this to their boring marriage or routine sex life may push them over the edge to seek excitement outside their relationship.”

That capital cities lead the pack in cheating should not come as a surprise. It’s about what kinds of people get into this kind of work. Power corrupts! I wonder if we could find something similar in capitals around the world.

Western Canada is experiencing a boom in Ashley Madison subscribers. Of the top 10 cities for cheating, five — including Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg — are in Western Canada

Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton came in second, third and fourth, respectively.

That western trend extends to the U.S. as well, where San Antonio, Texas, took second spot after Washington, followed by Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Oklahoma City — all western cities.

10. Vancouver
9. Toronto
8. Hamilton
7. Winnipeg
6. Brampton, Ont.
5. London, Ont.
4. Edmonton
3. Calgary
2. Saskatoon
1. Ottawa