NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is being introduced to Canadians as someone who will fight for ordinary families, much as his predecessor, Jack Layton, did.

The emphasis is on continuity, not change, in a new English television ad being launched by the federal NDP today.

It features a cameo by Layton’s widow, NDP MP Olivia Chow, who assures viewers that “Jack’s vision is in good hands.”

“He’ll fight for my family,” says a young mother, packing groceries into her car.

“He cares if I make ends meet,” adds a tool-toting tradesman.

“And find a good job,” chimes in a bicycle-riding young woman.

“He’ll take on (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper,” predicts a health care professional.

“And win,” concludes a middle-aged jogger.

Time will tell!

The English ad is more introductory in tone than last week’s French ad, which featured a more casual Mulcair, rolling up his shirt sleeves and vowing to continue the work that produced the orange wave that swept Quebec during last May’s election.


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