Star columnist faces the fearful truth about Stephen Harper

Cribb: Harper’s secret weapon? The ‘Truth Plane’
It appears Canadians were not solely responsible for giving Stephen Harper a majority government in the federal election.

Behind the scenes, Mark Bowden made us do it.

The British-born, Toronto-based body-language expert worked with Harper on his TV-debate optics in an effort to make him appear more statesmanlike and confident to our unconscious eye.

The results speak for themselves.
There’s a criminal roaming free, responsible for international war crimes and climate crimes. In order to fill corporate and military coffers he attacks indigenous people, refugees, Muslims, women, workers, public services, civil liberties, free speech and democracy. But from the Arab Spring to the Quebec student strike people around the world are rising up. We can stop Harper’s regime and the rest of the 1%, and build a better world for the 99%.