Elizabeth May’s Budget Quiz: Take The C-38 Test The Green Party Leader Is Challenging Tory MPs With

What “work” will no longer be covered under the Navigable Waters Protection Act?
> Bridge
> Pipeline
> Culvert
> Hydro dam
> None of the above
> All of the above

What act allows for increased offshore seismic activity?
> National Energy Board Act
> Canada Oil & Gas Operations Act
> Canada-Newfoundland Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board Act
> Coasting Trade Act
> Fisheries Act
> None of the above
> All of the above

Which one of these laws is not changed in Bill C-38?
> Species at Risk Act
> Canadian Environmental Protection Act
> Nuclear Safety and Control Act
> Nuclear Liability Act
> Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
> None of the above
> All of the above

Which of the following acts is NOT in C-38?
> Parks Canada Agency Act
> Navigable Waters Improvement Act
> Auditor General Act
> Wage Earner Protection Program Act
> None of the above
> All of the above

What change to the Fisheries Act prompted four former fisheries ministers to protest?
> Section 39 (c)
> Section 41 (1)
> Section 35 (1)
> Section 65 (3)
> None of the above
> All of the above

True or False: All changes to environmental laws in Bill C-38 are in Part 3, which is why the sub-committee on finance examining environmental laws was mandated only to look at Part 3.
> True
> False

Which of the following is NOT in C-38?
> Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act
> Criminal Code
> Corrections and Conditional Release Act
> Seeds Act
> Food and Drugs Act
> All of the above – none is mentioned in C-38
> None of the above — they are all mentioned in C-38

C38 repeals a number of acts. How many acts are repealed?
> 2
> 3
> 6
> 8
> 10
> None of the above

Which of the following bodies or positions are NOT dissolved by C-38?
> The Public Appointments Commission and its secretariat
> International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development
> Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal
> Canada Industrial Relations Board
> National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy
> First Nations Statistical Institute
> The National Council of Welfare
> Assisted Human Reproduction Agency
> The office of the Inspector General of Canadian Security and Intelligence Service
> All of them eliminated
> None of them eliminated

How many new acts does C-38 create?
> 2
> 3
> 5