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Une vidéo avec 2 chercheurs de l’IRIS, Simon Tremblay-Pepin et Éric Martin, qui s’attaquent à plusieurs mythes qui sont véhiculés pour justifier la hausse des frais de scolarité.

La conclusion sur la hausse des frais de scolarité


According to Statistics Canada, Canada exported $16.3 billion worth of merchandise to China in 2011, and imported more than $48 billion.

Canada mainly exports natural resources to China, and largely imports manufactured goods. This makes the relationship somewhat unusual, says one expert.

“It’s a weird trade pattern,” says Gordon Betcherman, a professor at the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa.

“It’s exactly the pattern you would expect to see between a rich, developed country and a much poorer developing country – except it’s exactly flipped.”

Betcherman says Canada and China’s unorthodox trade relationship is a reflection of Canada’s resource wealth and China’s reputation as “the world’s factory.”

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Young people today say they’re going to have a difficult time finding jobs and paying back their debt. Is that really true?

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Coolest cop ever playing drums in the woods
When a cop pulls up to your campsite, the last thing you’d expect him to do is bust out a guitar and start jamming “Smoke on the Water.”
Officer Doug Sokoloski, a constable for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, arrived at a campsite at Crowsnest Pass Saturday, near the Alberta/British Columbia border, much to the dismay of weekend campers.

Shawn Salberg, one of the campers, told CTV, “When he pulled up everyone was sort of like, ‘Oh, no. We’re probably in trouble for something, right?”

The campers had brought their musical instruments along for a campground jam session and thought the officer was going to scorn them for being too loud, but what he did next shocked the campers so that they decided to film it and put it on youtube.



At the end of the clip, Const. Sokoloski jovially asks, “Is this going to go on YouTube right away?”

Coolest cop: Constable joins group of friends for impromptu jam session in the woods

Global Lethbridge story

“O Canada we’ve all agreed to
stand for the true north strong and free
with glowing hearts from sea to sea
we stand on guard for thee

Poutine flaunts Quebec origins while Nanaimo bars boast their British Columbia roots. Other tasty treats

Maple syrup
Nanaimo bars
Butter tarts

12 picnic-perfect recipes

Two-minute French toast in a cup vs. five-minute apple pie in a mug

BBQ party menu to celebrate the official start of summer!

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Items the world is quickly running out of
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It seems to adhere to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” principle.

Thomas Mulcair’s NDP have some risky economic theories. Do you agree?

Aaron Wherry at raises a question: Isn’t it somewhat ridiculous for the Conservatives to go after Mr. Mulcair for supporting cap-and-trade when they themselves did so very recently? Yes, yes it is.


Mulcair’s “Make Them Pay Now” quote from a CBC Interview. Macleans’ Aaron Wherry pulled out a transcript of the Mulcair quote and it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds.
The Tories say whatever they want, whenever they want. Because they think you’re stupid.


In English, they warn the NDP has some risky economic theories.

“They think strong growth in some industries is a disease that actually needs to be slowed down with more taxes and higher prices,” a male voice says in a foreboding tone over black-and-white footage of Mr. Mulcair talking to a camera. The line is a reference to Mr. Mulcair’s assertion that the economy is suffering from “Dutch disease,” meaning that allowing oil sands development without demanding a greater price for their toll on the environment is driving up the dollar and hurting a wide range of other industries, including manufacturing, fishing and forestry.

The French ad, however, does not mention Dutch disease.

It asks viewers if they really know Mr. Mulcair, and says he would impose a carbon tax on things like gas and electricity.

Who’s suffering from ‘Dutch Disease’?

Thomas Mulcair’s ‘Dutch Disease’ Strategy May Be Paying Off For The NDP

Mulcair Oilsands Trip Unlikely To Put An End To His Dutch Disease Strategy

Brad Wall: NDP’s Dutch-Disease Strategy Won’t Fly With Saskatchewan, Premier Warns


Happy Harper Land

#DenounceHarper began trending on Twitter early in the day, and was second only to #HappyCanadaDay across the country.

Results for #DenounceHarper

Denounce Harper Canada Day

On the list of gripes? The Tories’ handling of the not-exactly-accurate F-35 budget,treatment of environmentalists by the Conservative government, reductions inrefugee health services, immigration program stoppage and the ongoing robocalls investigation, to name some.

Some Canadians are even boycotting Canada Day altogether in protest of our current Prime Minister.

“I’m not celebrating Canada Day this year. Harper’s killed it for me,” the husband of a Vancouver Courier columnist said.


Canada Day! Canadians uninvited to Canadian Embassy party in Washington




Bill C-38 passed Senate -Budget bill should be called the Lobbyists’ Bill, it’s a gift for oil and gas lobbyists.

“Just in time for the Canada Day long weekend, the Senate ended this session of Parliament by approving the government’s omnibus budget bill — which promptly received royal assent — making changes to the environmental review laws and social assistance programs.

By a vote of 49-31, Bill C-38 passed through the Senate Friday afternoon, with the Tories using their majority to get approval for the government’s budget implementation bill.”


Budget bill should be called the Lobbyists’ Bill, it’s a gift for oil and gas lobbyists

Budget Bill References:

The omnibus Budget Bill C-38, includes among other things:

-Allows livestock that have died due to sickness or injury prior to being slaughterd to be butchered & sold to the public anyway; this will breed inhumane animal conditions.

-Eliminates the national spy agency CSIS watchdog;

-Allows American agents with the DEA and FBI to operate in Canadian territory;

-Moves the age of retirement to age 67, as if age 65 wasn’t old enough;

-Makes it difficult for people to receive EI, and if they do become unemployed, to accept wages as low as 70% of their true potential and in fields that their training is not utilized in;

-Eliminates regulation over freshwater waterways, for the sake of industrial potential (eliminating environmental regulations meant to protect – thus opening the door to major oil pipelines.)

-Eliminates regulation in rare fish habitat.


On fish and pipelines:,-picket-outside-of-MPs-Truro-office/1

On Processing Dead animals:

On FBI in Canada:

Factsheet on everything else:

Canada’s Budget Officer warns cons secret $5.2 billion in cuts may lead to Economic Crisis

June 24, 2012- Harper Government secrecy on $5.2 billion in budget cuts could lay groundwork for future economic crisis, Canada’s chief parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page warns.

Harper’s criminal government has kept secret on $5.2 billion in government-wide cuts which could lead to an economic crisis in Canada, says Canada’s chief parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page. Page’s office issued a legal opinion that harper’s conservatives who have not been transparent on budget cuts are

The latest source of contention: Page’s repeated and intensifying attempts to access information about how departments and agencies plan to implement $5.2 billion in cuts set out in the federal budget. Of the 84 departments queried, 64 did not share the requested details. Last week Page’s office issued a legal opinion that those departments and agencies are breaking the law.


June 23, 2012- Stephen Harper created his own worst enemy in the parliamentary budget officer

The Harper government’s refusal to cooperate with the parliamentary budget officer is a disgrace.

June 18, 2012- Tories breaking law by holding onto budget information, lawyer says