It seems to adhere to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” principle.

Thomas Mulcair’s NDP have some risky economic theories. Do you agree?

Aaron Wherry at raises a question: Isn’t it somewhat ridiculous for the Conservatives to go after Mr. Mulcair for supporting cap-and-trade when they themselves did so very recently? Yes, yes it is.


Mulcair’s “Make Them Pay Now” quote from a CBC Interview. Macleans’ Aaron Wherry pulled out a transcript of the Mulcair quote and it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds.
The Tories say whatever they want, whenever they want. Because they think you’re stupid.


In English, they warn the NDP has some risky economic theories.

“They think strong growth in some industries is a disease that actually needs to be slowed down with more taxes and higher prices,” a male voice says in a foreboding tone over black-and-white footage of Mr. Mulcair talking to a camera. The line is a reference to Mr. Mulcair’s assertion that the economy is suffering from “Dutch disease,” meaning that allowing oil sands development without demanding a greater price for their toll on the environment is driving up the dollar and hurting a wide range of other industries, including manufacturing, fishing and forestry.

The French ad, however, does not mention Dutch disease.

It asks viewers if they really know Mr. Mulcair, and says he would impose a carbon tax on things like gas and electricity.

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