The actual Rob Ford story gets sadder and more depraved by the day. We much prefer the goofy fake version.


Ron Burgundy weighs in
Mayor Rob Ford joins the laughter as ‘friend Ron Burgundy’ mocks drug scandal

It’s here: Chris Farley in ‘Rob Ford: The Movie’
Even the late SNL star’s brother wishes he could play Toronto’s mayor, so a filmmaker created this amazing trailer. Watch it

Chris Farley stars in fake ‘Rob Ford: The Movie’ trailer


Who’s polling better? You may be surprised
Admitted crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s approval rating is shocking, especially when compared to Obama’s. Expert’s take.

Read article: Crack smoking mayor Rob Ford has higher approval rating than Obama

Ford :      42%
Obama:    41%

T-shirts mocking Rob Ford sold to help troubled youth

The t-shirts cost $50 each.

T Shirts

T-shirts mocking Toronto mayor Rob Ford are being sold to help the iHuman Youth Society, an Edmonton agency that helps troubled teens.

The shirts bear messages like “Mayors Gone Wild” and “Toronto Zoo” with a picture of Ford underneath are the creation of artist Steven Csorba.

Rob Ford’s remaining supporters hold steady as more unseemly allegations surface

Rob Ford was subject of August police alert

The anti-littering perspective on the Ford scandal

Toronto’s scandal-hit mayor still has 42 percent approval

Mayor Rob Ford ‘won’t be supporting’ higher tax increase

Toronto voters will pass judgment on Ford, but he can’t have my job: Harper

Canadian PM to Toronto mayor: Don’t even think about it

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson urges Rob Ford to step away from limelight

Rob Ford loses staff member who made calls to radio show