Canadians are normally pretty nice but there are things you just don’t want to say to a Canadian…
This looks like Monopoly money!

Hey you’re from Canada? Do you know my friend Doug?

You lost the War of 1812, right?

Polar bears rooting through your garbage at night must be pretty irritating.

Do you guys all ski to work and stuff?

Do you have cable / internet / random technology in Canada?

You all speak French right?

What part of America are you from?

Is Vancouver / Edmonton / Calgary close to Toronto?

Do you have a president?

Is Toronto your capital city?

Say “aboot” for me

Wasn’t it wonderful that Ben Affleck thanked Canadians at the Oscars? Were Canadians in Iran?

To someone from Toronto: “I have a friend named …. In Vancouver, do you know them?” “No, it’s a 3hr flight”

You guys all live in igloos right?

Is it warm there in summer? Do you drink maple syrup? You say roof (ruff), tour (tore), and bar (ba) weird.”

Can’t I just call you an American?

How would you feel about statehood?

“You’re from Canada? Vancouver is beautiful!” Me: “I wouldn’t know.” “So, is Newfoundland close to Toronto?”

“So what’s the deal with Tim Horton’s? I don’t get it.”

Donuts are bad, curling’s not a sport, and Bettman is a great NHL commissioner.

Do you celebrate 4th of July?