The problem is so bad that it’s basically the provincial motto now

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Even the premier of the province has struggled with the name
Saskatchewan Party misspells Saskatchewan in TV ad

French speakers can’t even figure out the gender

*There seems to be a bit of confusion about the gender of Saskatchewan. According to the government’s official website and the Fransaskois (French-speaking inhabitants of Saskatchewan), the province is feminine, but many dictionaries and websites continue to err in claiming it is masculine.

And this misspelling business has some deep roots

The name is derived from that which was first applied to the Saskatchewan River. In the Cree language it was known as Kisiskatchewani Sipi, or “swift-flowing river”. The explorer Anthony Henday’s spelling was Keiskatchewan, with the modern rendering, Saskatchewan, being officially adopted in 1882 when a portion of the present-day province was designated a provisional district of the North West Territories. Achieved provincial status in 1905.

Source: Hamilton, William B. (1978): The Macmillan book of Canadian place names, Macmillan of Canada, Toronto, p. 293.

Things Saskatchewan People NEVER Say

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