#1   Weren’t We Promised Property Rights?
Conservatives failed to enshrine property rights in the Constitution as well as a legislative guarantee that timely compensation would be paid to all persons deprived of their personal property as a result of federal government action — a promise made in the Conservatives’ 2006 electoral platform.


Conservatives have not enacted anti-spam legislation, despite passing the bill three years ago.

It is still hasn’t been brought into force.


The Conservative government has yet to implement the 2011 Digital Economy Strategy.

#4   No Reception
The Conservative government failed to find another big investor in the wireless market. Cellular coverage outside large cities is still spotty and nonexistent in some places.


The Tories increased import tariffs on 1,200 goods include items such as shampoo, deodorant, pens, pre-cut vegetables, canned tuna and even saris and ground spices.

NDP Leader Blasts Conservatives For Proposed Sari And Spice Tax

The Liberals and the NDP are calling a tariff increase on everything from pens, deodorants and shampoo to bicycles and pre-cut vegetables – imported from 72 countries that include China and India – a tax.

“It’s a question of hypocrisy on the part of the government, where they made a big show of saying there were no new taxes and then they are raising the taxes on a huge number of consumer goods that are going to hit Canadians right in the pocketbook,” NDP finance critic Peggy Nash


Conservative MPs voted against an air passenger bill of rights — twice. In 2009, they voted unanimously against it and then helped defeat it in committee. In 2013, they voted against it again.


Conservative MPs voted against a 2009 motion to create legislation to protect credit card customers. Instead, they chose to introduce a voluntary code of conduct.


The Conservative government failed to enact many recommendation of its own Financial Literacy Taskforce.


The Conservatives raised the age of eligibility for Old Age Security from 65 to 67 years of age.


Conservatives in the Senate defeated a bill, S-216, aimed at protecting Nortel retirees and employees on long term disability — and others who would find themselves in similar situations — who saw their pensions and benefits vanish after the company they worked for went into bankruptcy protection.