In April 2013, the British Columbia Humanist Association commissioned a poll from Justatson Marketing Intelligence to probe the province’s religiosity and support for secular values. The results show that two-thirds of the province is not religious and one in five do not believe in a “higher power.”



Two-Thirds of British Columbians are non-religious.

Thirty per cent of British Columbians are atheist or agnostic.

Sixty-eight per cent never attend religious services.

Seventy-five per cent of Vancouver is non-religious.

Nearly 67 per cent of men are non-religious.

Almost 62 per cent of women are non-religious.

Most British Columbians want to keep religion and politics separate — despite what Christy Clark says.

Most disagree that schools should practise a specific religion.

Twenty-three per cent think the federal government has gone too far with mixing religion and government.

Most agree schools should teach world religions.

Most think schools should explore spirituality.