100. Toronto – “Your Daddy Don’t Know”
Underappreciated gal rock act Toronto had a hit with the gals-get-to-cause-trouble song “Your Daddy Don’t Know” in 1982. The song experienced a renaissance in 2003 when The New Pornographers covered it for the “FUBAR” movie soundtrack.



99. Terry Bush “Maybe Tomorrow (The Theme From Littlest Hobo)”
Yes, it’s a theme for a cheesball Canadian TV show from the ’80s about a dog who saves people. And yes, you know all the words. Maybe tomorrow we won’t like it so much, but until tomorrow we’ll just keep listening.



98. Trooper – “Raise A Little Hell”
Trooper’s 1978 arena rock jam “Raise A Little Hell” was the band’s only song to become a hit in the U.S. The song was produced by BTO/Guess Who’s Randy Bachman.



97. Joel Plaskett – “Nowhere With You”
We make fun of the not so dearly departed Canadian discount department store Zellers, but they did at least one thing right: they picked up this infectious and rollicking 2006 single from Clayton Park, Nova Scotia’s indie folk rock hero Joel Plaskett for a television spot, which made the chain temporarily cool. “Nowhere With You” scored Plaskett Single of the Year and Songwriter of the Year trophies at the 2007 East Coast Music Awards.



96. Daniel Lanois – “The Messenger”
“The Messenger” was the lead-off track from Daniel Lanois’ 1993 album “For The Beauty Of Wynona.” Aspiring mystic rockers The Tea Party would cover the song in 1999.



95. Snow – “Informer”
This song is a punchline, but Snow’s skin colour shouldn’t colour our opinions on this radio smash. In hindsight we can appreciate how impressive his rapid-fire toasting actually is, how bold it was back then to shout-out Toronto and how cool it was he collaborated with rap legend MC Shan.



94. Sweeney Todd – “Roxy Roller”
Taken from Sweeney Todd’s self-titled 1975 album, the glam rock-ish “Roxy Roller” became a number one hit in Canada. Fun fact: Bryan Adams was part of Sweeney Todd when he was 15 years old.



93. Jully Black feat. DeMarco – “Sweat Of Your Brow”
Canada’s R&B and entertainment show queen, Jully Black, scored her first top 20 hit with this sexy single from her 2005 album, “This Is Me.”



92. Great Big Sea – “Mari-Mac”
The pride of St. John’s made traditional Newfoundland music cool with their playful and punkish take on the old comic folk song “Mari-Mac” from their 1995 album, “Up.”



91. Andy Kim – “Rock Me Gently”
“Rock Me Gently” was a Billboard number one hit for Andy Kim in 1974. The Montreal musician was a noted songwriter, scoring hits with songs like “Sugar Sugar” for The Archies. Kim is currently working on a new album with Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew.



90. Northern Pikes – “Teenland”
Part of Can-Rock’s breakout late-’80s scene, “Teenland” gave Canada its own answer to R.E.M. The band’s biggest hit would come three years later with “She Ain’t Pretty.”