In the video, Madlener takes the Alberta PC party to task for their profligate spending and apparent lack of accountability, singing:

We were debt-free, no have-not envy
The PC party’s like: “in the black, no debt”, dippin’ in the trust fund
Sky palace, forty year, Palm Springs in the sun
They don’t care; they won’t live within their means
The PC party’s like: Superboards, deficits, huge entitlements
Jet planes, Africa. We need a new government
They don’t care; why should we pay for their airfare
We don’t want to have PCs

“The song sort of discusses what the music industry’s like, and the royalty and stuff, and the luxury they have. And one line even included ‘jet planes’, and to me that was the most interesting part, and then it clicked that that reminds me exactly of what’s been going on with the PC government lately,” she said.