Auditor General Merwan Saher found that Redford used government planes for personal and partisan reasons.

The report raises more questions about how often the Alberta government breaks spending rules and policies.

Derek Fildebrandt, Alberta director, Canadian Taxpayers Association
“The steady trickle of scandal and waste coming from the premier’s office through freedom-of-information requests, leaks and (auditor general) reports has made clear that there’s more to this story. Albertans deserve to know just how deep this story goes and the only way to do that is for Premier (Dave) Hancock to call a full, judicial inquiry.”

Jim McCormick, president, Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta
“The actions of our former leader have let down all these members who volunteer their own time and money to make this province a better place. This cannot, and will not, happen again.”

NDP critic Deron Bilous
“This is typical Tory behaviour and it’s time it ended. The PCs have become so comfortable spending public dollars on themselves that they’re not even covering their tracks anymore.”

Alberta PC leadership candidate Jim Prentice
“No government official, nor the premier, is above the law. In the event that there is evidence of criminal wrongdoing, I would expect those actions be met with the full force and weight of the law.”

Alberta PC leadership candidate Ric McIver
“We cannot allow a blurred line between government and party business. Albertans must be confident their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent only on government business.”

Alberta PC leadership candidate Thomas Lukaszuk
“It is very highly unlikely that we will ever have another premier who will take such liberties with public resources, but unfortunately we will now have to put protocols into place to assure Albertans that it could never happen. It is very sad.”

Wildrose Opposition critic Kerry Towle in calling for Finance Minister Doug Horner’s resignation
“There was no formal oversight structure to monitor the office’s travel expenses and the use of government aircraft. If Mr. Horner was not protecting taxpayers, who was? Clearly no one.”

Alberta Finance Minister Doug Horner
“Bad.” — when asked by a reporter how he felt knowing government aircraft were being abused without him knowing.

Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis
“There are no parameters. It is wide open and fully independent.” — on the RCMP review the government has requested.

Alison Redford :
“In hindsight, there were many things I would have done differently. That said, I accept responsibility for all the decisions I have made.” — in a letter released Wednesday resigning her seat . She declined further comment.

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith
“That is something that requires a full public inquiry into all of the matters that the auditor general looked at for the premier’s office — the misuse of government airplanes, whether or not expense accounts are being abused and, of course, the hidden travel expenses. If we are going to get to the bottom of how this aura of power emanating from the premier’s office causes multiple staff members in multiple different department to ignore the rules, to find work-arounds and to be terrified of standing up when they see wrongdoing, we need to know how many departments this is implicating.”

Former Tory MLA Len Webber
“She put all this upon herself so there isn’t a lot of sympathy on my part. She dug her own grave and I’m just glad she’s no longer in.”

Webber quit the Alberta PC caucus last spring just prior to Redford resigning as premier. At the time, he called her a “bully” and “not a nice lady.”


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