Garibaldi Lake
One of the most spectacular lakes in southwestern British Columbia, the turquoise coloured lake features a scenic glacier backdrop. The nine kilometre uphill hike is long and gruelling at times, but the reward makes the effort worthwhile. The best time to hike this trail is mid to late July when you can go through Taylor Meadows to see the colourful wildflowers in bloom before looping down to the lake. — Vancouver Trails

Located 37 km (23 mi) north of Squamish and 19 km (12 mi) south of Whistler. The lake lies within Garibaldi Provincial Park, which features mountains, glaciers, trails, forests, flowers, meadows, waterfalls. The park is a wildlife protected area. The trails in the area are promoted as being among the most beautiful on earth


It’s a beautiful volcanic lake hiding out in Canada:


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Garibaldi Provincial Park

Book a cabin at nearby Elfin Lake Campgrounds and bask in the beautiful mountain views at nighttime, or wander over to Taylor Meadow to see the alpine flowers in full bloom during summertime

Camping at Elfin Lakes
Taylor Meadows near Black Tusk

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