“The mosquito population has definitely increased in the last week or so,” said biological sciences technician Mike Jenkins.

Jenkins attributes the sudden increase to higher humidity and rain several weeks ago.

The City of Edmonton says the current mosquito numbers are close to – if not equal to – the 2001 peak when there were 3,500 mosquitoes per trap.

That was the highest peak in 20 years, and the city could meet or surpass that mark once the final numbers come in for this year.

The population rose over the last week mainly due to the amount of rainfall several weeks ago, as well as the current humidity.

“They’re able to be out and biting, even during periods when, typically, we don’t get a lot of mosquito activity. So, people are noticing that they are biting during the day, they’re biting in windy conditions, all those sorts of things, where usually the mosquitoes are out in hiding.”

Edmonton seeing a spike in pest population
wasps also like to eat what many people consider pests, so don’t be in a rush to get rid of them, Jenkins says. Most of their protein comes from flies and caterpillar pests.

Testing 11 Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Beer Traps
Turns out that mosquitoes are attracted to those who drink beer. So, we thought that placing cups filled with cheap-o lager around our patio would make great bait for the pests. A glance at the buggy victims proved this to be true. There’s a catch though. Mosquitoes will still seek you out if you’re drinking the stuff. Bottom line: This somewhat works, but if you’re also imbibing, expect to be bitten.

Enjoying a beer outside ‘makes you more attractive to mosquitoes’

Wear White
The thinking here is that colors somehow make you more attractive to mosquitoes. But this is just a bunch of wishful thinking — the bugs will still bite, no matter how much white you wear. Bottom line: Does not work.

Eat Garlic
Garlic is used in many mosquito repellants used in landscaping. So, why wouldn’t it work for us? After eating a garlicky meal, we waited. The mosquitoes didn’t bother us. But really, is this practical? Bottom line: Works, if you’d like to down garlic cloves on a daily basis.

This involves exactly what you think it does: Vacuuming up any mosquito you see in the air. It’s more like a reflex test than a viable means of pest control. The bottom line: Not surprisingly, does not work.

When diluted with water and spritzed on the skin, this promised to rid of us mosquitoes for a full night. Sadly, it just made us smell minty fresh. We were still bitten at the end of the night. Bottom line: Does not work.

Anti-Mosquito App
This sonic repellant promises to rid your life of mosquitoes with a touch of a button. Easy, right? So we were disappointed when all this did was drain our iPhone’s battery. Bottom line: Does not work.

Like garlic, mosquitoes dislike chives. We simply placed a few snippets in a centerpiece and hoped for results. Though we did experience less bites, we were still bitten. Bottom line: Might work, but probably should be applied to the skin in order to see results.

Fabric Softener Sheets
Rubbed onto the skin, this method did leave us mosquito bite-free for the evening. But, it did irritate the skin of one of our testers. So, use caution. Bottom line: This works.

Dish Soap
A few squirts of dish soap, left in a saucer, did a nice job of keeping mosquitos occupied…and away from us. The results were comparable to citronella candle. Bottom line: This works.

Particularly, Mountain Dew, which was suggested by a reader, with a dash of dish soap. While the traps did attract mosquitoes, this might have also been because of the dish soap. Bottom line: This works, but probably not because of the soda.

Bubble Machine
Silly, but it did prove effective. Again, soap might be the factor here. Bottom line: It works.