A west end Ottawa Food bank is saying thanks but no thanks to food it considers unhealthy. Kraft Dinner, hotdogs and dozens of other items will be sent back. It’s a controversial approach to a touchy subject about donating food.

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On Reddit, people have noted that those complaining about the food bank’s rules probably don’t use the food bank themselves. Their solution? Just donate money, given that Secord is already doing the job of teaching her clients how to eat well on a budget and providing some healthier foods.

To make things a lot easier for people who are willing to donate, the Parkdale Food Centre, as well as many other food banks across the country, often have a list of preferred foods and products they need at their specific locations.

Parkdale Food Centre’s stance sparks backlash
Here’s just a taste of the bitter reaction.

“This story has made me furious,” wrote one Sun reader, who said she works hard every day, but boxed pasta or also-cited canned stew are staples of her family’s diet on a budget and if people who go to food banks aren’t grateful for them they should buy their own food.

Near the end of the article, there’s a poll:
Should food banks refuse to accept food they consider unhealthy?

Why is it considered a controversial move?
The question ought to be : Why should we give people poor quality food?
Everyone deserves to eat good quality food, even if they can’t buy it. It’s not right for food banks to give out unhealthy food that is full of fat, sugar and salt which will make them sick, which will increase the health care cost, something we all complain about. A good way to reduce that cost is to focus on preventive health care, i.e., good and healthy food.