Pic #1
Got Milk? Yes
Chocolate milk in your Iced Capp

Not only does it give your regular drink a kick, but for those of you who aren’t fans of that coffee taste, the chocolate milk does a good job of disguising it.

Pic #2
Make Your Bagels More Exciting
Additional veggies and salt and pepper on your bagels
Pic #3
No, this won’t cost you extra, but it will make your cream cheese and bagel taste better. Some readers shared their favourite combos including: a bagel with cream cheese, tomato slices, salt and pepper (for hangovers), a bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese topped with cucumbers and tomatoes, and a bagel with cheddar cheese, tomato, salt and pepper, cucumber and lettuce. Note, extras will cost extras.

A “Cheap Mocha”
Half hot chocolate/half coffee
Pic #4
This is basically like a cheap mocha. The next time you decide to get your regular Double Double, ask for half hot chocolate. One reader mentioned asking for whipped cream as well.

When Your Croissant Is Fattier
Croissant with cheese and butter HEATED
Pic #5
Yes, you probably already feel a little guilty indulging in a cheese or butter croissant, but to make things even better (and fattier), ask your server to heat your croissant with a slice of Swiss cheese or with just straight up butter. Drool.

The Chocolate Explosion
Chocolate whipped cream on your hot chocolate
Pic #6
If the regular hot chocolate isn’t chocolatey enough for your liking, add chocolate whipped cream.

Hot Water
Plain hot water
Pic #7
If, for whatever reason you just want a cup of hot water (maybe for your instant noodles?), just ask. Sometimes, it will be free, but most of the time you will have to pay a fee.

Mint, Please
Mint with your Iced Capps
Pic #8
Missing out on some freshness? The next time you order an Iced Capp, ask for a shot of mint flavour as well.

Warm Doughnuts
Pic #9

Yup, simple as that. If you want to take your doughnut to the next level, ask your server to warm it up for you in the toaster or the microwave. People of the web advise a warm sour glazed doughnut as the winner.

Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich
A hashbrown IN your sandwich
Pic #10
If you want to add additional calories to your breakfast sandwich, ask for a hash brown to be put right in the middle. However, we don’t advise this off-the-menu hack during rush hour. Just order them separately and do it yourself.

Spicy Bagel
Barbecue sauce on your bagel
Pic #11
For chains that carry barbecue sauce and those of you with BBQ-loving taste buds, ask your server for barbecue sauce on your bagel with cream cheese. We hear it’s delicious.

Timbits … For Your Pet
A free Timbit
Pic #12
We had one reader and former employee tell us people would ask for Timbits for their pets. We’re only wondering if the “‘pets” were actually pets. However, one employee told us Timbits on their own are 25 cents and this free Timbit scenario doesn’t always work.

Skip The Cream Cheese Altogether
Ask: Peanut butter
Pic #13
While Tim Hortons may be known for their flavoured cream cheeses, one reader told us you can also ask for peanut butter on your bagels — a raisin bagel with peanut butter tastes the best.

Tea Tea Tea
Mixing two teas together
Pic #14
For a new take on teas, try a peppermint and green tea combination or a green tea and honey lemon combo if you have a cold. Mixing tea bags will cost you an additional 10 cents.

Grilled Cheese With Extras
Pic #15
Your grilled cheese may already come with tomatoes and bacon, but you can also ask for additional veggies like lettuce and cucumbers to make a grilled sandwich.

Half And Half
Half chili and half lasagna
Pic #16
Half and halfs aren’t just for drinks anymore. If your Tim Hortons location still sells chili and lasagna (or brings it back this fall/winter) ask for a half and half.

The Veggie Sandwich Is Still There, Folks
Pic #17

You may not see the veggie sandwich (cucumber, lettuce and tomato on a bun) on the menu anymore, but you can still order it either on a bun or bagel.

Extra Patties
Play around with your breakfast sandwich
Pic #18
Besides adding a hash brown to your breakfast sandwich, some readers even get away with asking for extra patties or more egg — for an additional cost, of course.

Specialty Lattes
Tea in your latte
Pic #19
You can also ask for the addition of a tea bag or flavour shot in your latte or hot beverage. Chai tea latte anyone?

Whipped Cream All Day
Whipped cream on anything
Pic #20
On your latte, hot chocolate, Iced Capp, whatever you’re in the mood for, ask your server for whipped cream on top.

Get A Panino Instead
Ask for your sandwich to be a panino
Pic #21
If you have a favourite Tim Hortons sandwich (BLT, ham and Swiss, veggie etc.), ask the server to make it as a panino. You may get charged extra, but your sandwich will taste 10 times better “grilled.”