Please take this poll:


What do you look for when shopping for a new home?

>> Awesome upgrades
>> Move-in ready condition
>> Location, location, location!
>> No smaller than a mini-mansion
>> Other

How long does it take you to completely unpack after moving in?

>> 3 days – I’m an unpacking MACHINE!
>> I need a full month just to figure out where to put everything!
>> 3 months – I use the boxes as end tables!
>> NEVER! I still haven’t unpacked everything from the last move.
>> Other

The one luxury that I would pay extra for when looking for a home:

>> An indoor swimming pool or hot tub
>> Heated bathroom floors (no more cold feet!)
>> A heated driveway … No more shovelling!
>> A home cinema room
>> Other

Is it important to own a house?

>> 1. Yes, owning a home is an investment that will pay off.
>> 2. No, I’d rather save my money and rent.
>> 3. No, I can’t afford to buy a home.
>> 4. I don’t know.

Is now a good time to buy a house?

>> Yes, prices will continue to rise.
>> No, Canada is facing a housing bubble and prices will eventually fall.
>> I don’t know.

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