Kelly McParland: You could say Trudeau’s Liberals accomplished one thing this year — disappointing everyone

Andrew Coyne: Trudeau government must be prepared in case Trump keeps any campaign promises


Top Ten Trudeau Misfires of 2016
#10 – His failure to show up for work!
#9 – The massive Paris delegation!
#8 – The moving expense scandal!
#7 – Cancelling Conservative tax breaks!
#6 – Refusing to call ISIS atrocities a genocide!
#5 – His glowing praise for Fidel Castro!
#4 – The reckless spending of Liberal Ministers!
#3 – Refusing a referendum on democratic reform!
#2 – The cash-for-access scandal!
#1‎ – The crippling Liberal debt.

Elections commissioner urged to investigate cash-for-access allegations



Justin Trudeau and David MacNaughton, Canada’s Ambassador to the United States, welcome members of the 115th Congress.

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reached out in a video address to the new U.S. Congress on Tuesday to stress how tightly linked the economies of Canada and the United States are, amid fears of a protectionist Donald Trump administration.

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How Trudeau gets it!!!



Liberals looking at taxing Health Benefits
The new internet taxes being considered by Liberals






‘Feminist’ Trudeau under attack for attending gender-segregated event at Ottawa mosque

“That’s the big differential for liberals, they fancy themselves as honouring the women’s body and yet the segregation by its very definition hyper-sexualizes women’s bodies. That’s the great irony.”

This kid speaks for every Canadian forced to listen to this guy speak…