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The Canada Revenue Agency, ordered by the Harper government to audit political activities, is now targeting charities focused on foreign aid, human rights, and even poverty.

List of charities undergoing tax audits related to political activities
Tides Canada Foundation, Vancouver
Tides Canada Initiatives Society, Vancouver
Environmental charity
David Suzuki Foundation, Vancouver
Ecology Action Centre, Halifax
Canada Without Poverty, Ottawa
Social-justice charity
Equiterre, Montreal
United Church of Canada, including Kairos
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Ottawa
Amnesty International Canada, Ottawa


6 Water Charities In Canada

WaterCan – Ottawa, Ont.
WaterCan funds projects that create sustainable clean water sources, sanitation and hygiene education practices in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

You can call toll free: 1-800-370-5658 for information or visit their site for a number of ways to donate.

Plan Canada – Toronto, Ont.
Plan Canada is the relief arm of Plan International, a nonprofit organization that promotes social justice for youth and families. As one of the world’s oldest and largest international development agencies working to end poverty, they work in 69 countries.

As part of its Gifts of Hope program, the “Gift of Clean Water can help provide clean water for a family starting at $75.

You can call toll free,1-800-387-1418 for information or visit their website to donate.

Water Ambassadors Canada – Toronto, Ont.
Water Ambassadors Canada is a faith-based, nonprofit Canadian charity that drill and repair wells, setup water purification systems, distribute water filters and teach health and hygiene in several countries.

They have not only brought water solutions within Canada, but have travelled to Central America, the Caribbean, Uganda and The Democratic Republic of Congo and India.

You can call toll free 1-877-988-4688 or visit their site to make a donation.

Ryan’s Well – Kemptville, Ont.
The Ryan’s Well Foundation is a Canadian registered charity named after Ryan Hreljac, who at age seven raised enough money to build a well at a school in northern Uganda, Africa.

The Foundation has built more than 1,200 water projects and toilets in more that 30 countries. Their build and empower program lets communities identify water-based problems and as a team, the organization helps raise funds towards finding a solution. Ryan’s Well also revisits finished sites to ensure they are still operational.

You can call 1-613-258-6832 for information or visit their website to donate.

Clean Water for Haiti – Burlington, Ont.
This organization provides people in Haiti with affordable access to clean water in their homes through the use of Biosand water filters.

Most water sources in the country are contaminated, so filtration systems are the priority. In this 2010 photo, the organization conduced a site visit to evaluate the difficult task of bringing in a filtration system. Site visits are important to determine how to assist the community with the sustainable filtered water.

While the Biosand water filters are installed by qualified team members, donors can go on organized visits to see the projects in Haiti themselves.

You can visit their website for various ways to help.

Run for Water – Calgary, Alta
Run for Water is an annual fundraising event that supports HOPE International Development Agency, which has been setting up and installing fresh water delivery systems in East Africa since 1974.

For this project there are two running and walking events: One in Calgary, Alta on September 7 and the other in Abbotsford, B.C. on May 26.

You can visit their website to find out how to participate in the race or become a sponsor.




Tar Sands Greenwash: Buying Ads is Easy

Tar Sands Greenwash: Good News, Bad News

Tar Sands Greenwash: Greenwash 2.0


Celebs vs Tar SANDS 1

Actor and environmentalist Robert Redford recently added his name to the list of prominent individuals who are calling on President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.
Robert Redford: Tar Sands Oil Is Killing Our Planet – NRDC

Celebs vs Tar SANDS 2

Mark Ruffalo Supports The Tar Sands Action

Mark Ruffalo said : “I’ve seen the kind of damage that out-of-control energy development can do to water and to communities near my own home, where fracking for natural gas is causing widespread pollution … All these problems are connected — we need to get off fossil fuels.”

“The world is already leaving us behind. We’re being left behind. America. Because the gas and oil industry has a strangle hold on us. And our politicians.”

Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben has expressed strong disapproval for the planned Keystone XL pipeline. In fact, he was one of the first of over 1,200 who were arrested at the Tar Sands Action sit-in at the White House in August.
Bill McKibben: On Sept. 21st, Draw the Line on Keystone XL

Bill McKibben on Fight Against Keystone XL, Fossil Fuel Divestment and Obama’s Failures on Climate


Bill McKibben : “The people who’ve carried this fight for three years are indigenous people on both sides of the border who have a huge stake in it because it’s on their land, and farmers and ranchers from places like Nebraska … It wasn’t until I sat down and read Jim Hansen’s analysis of how much carbon was in those things that I understood that this was not just a national issue, it’s a global issue of the first order.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: See You at the White House!

Dreyfus recalls when Obama said “Let us be the generation that ends the tyranny of oil.” But she says, “Big Oil is still pretty much running the show.” She claims that by rejecting the pipeline, Obama has a chance to “make good on [his] word.”

Louis-Dreyfus asks Obama, “Denying the permit for a brutally stupid, money-grab like the Keystone XL pipeline is a no-brainer, right Mr President?”

Actress Daryl Hannah has also lent her voice to the movement against the Keystone XL pipeline.

In August, Hannah was one of the over 1,200 people to be arrested as an act of civil disobedience in front of the White House. Shouting “no to the Keystone pipeline” as she was handcuffed, Hannah made it clear she opposed the proposed Canada to Texas pipeline

Daryl Hannah: Why I Joined the Tar Sands Action


Maude Barlow,   The Council of Canadians

Maude Barlow, a Canadian author and activist and chairperson of The Council of Canadians, was arrested in September at a Keystone pipeline and oil sands protest on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

She was one of over 100 protesters of the demonstration’s estimated 400 to be arrested.

Barlow blogged, “I did it because I fear we are killing the planet and I can no longer be content to only write and speak about it. Today my feet spoke for me as I crossed that barricade and took away one more fear in my life.”

She also said, “By investing trillions of dollars into these pipelines, governments and the energy industry are ensuring the continued rapid acceleration of tar sands development, instead of supporting a process to move to an alternative and sustainable energy system.”

Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians

Kyra Sedgwick said: “Just like the BP oil spill, one glitch in the tar sands pipeline could destroy our clean water sources, possibly forever.”

Kyra Sedgwick Urges the President to Reject the Tar Sands Pipeline


David Strathairn: Join the Fight Against Keystone XL


David Strathairn said: “Obama ran for office speaking of the dangers of our fossil fuel addiction, promising to fight climate change and fully embrace a clean energy future. The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is a dangerous step away from that commitment.”


TPP 13


Democracy Now Transcript





TPP 10



TPP 11

TPP 12

Read more at   The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Its Critics


“As a Canadian citizen, I am concerned that this government is not acting within the advice of science.”
~ Neil Young

“Science cannot be ignored as inconvenient and that’s what today’s leader’s are doing,” said Neil Young as he tore into the federal government and Alberta’s oilsands.

Neil Young: “Canada is trading integrity for money”

Fort McMurray tunes out Neil Young after he blasts oilsands

Oilsands = Hiroshima?? Neil, This Note’s For You

Neil Young at National Farmers Union Press Conference

CBC News – Neil Young on Fort McMurray


Neil Young on being political on Q

Neil Young on being political on Q
In this clip from his feature interview with Jian Ghomeshi, Neil Young talks about where one should draw the line between being an artist and being an activist, or whether there should be a line at all.


Neil Young Blasts Harper Government For Allowing Oilsands Development

Neil Young Benefit Tour Inspires Ex-Oilsands Worker

Neil Young responds to criticism from Prime Minister’s Office


Happy Harper Land

#DenounceHarper began trending on Twitter early in the day, and was second only to #HappyCanadaDay across the country.

Results for #DenounceHarper

Denounce Harper Canada Day

On the list of gripes? The Tories’ handling of the not-exactly-accurate F-35 budget,treatment of environmentalists by the Conservative government, reductions inrefugee health services, immigration program stoppage and the ongoing robocalls investigation, to name some.

Some Canadians are even boycotting Canada Day altogether in protest of our current Prime Minister.

“I’m not celebrating Canada Day this year. Harper’s killed it for me,” the husband of a Vancouver Courier columnist said.


Canada Day! Canadians uninvited to Canadian Embassy party in Washington




Bill C-38 passed Senate -Budget bill should be called the Lobbyists’ Bill, it’s a gift for oil and gas lobbyists.

“Just in time for the Canada Day long weekend, the Senate ended this session of Parliament by approving the government’s omnibus budget bill — which promptly received royal assent — making changes to the environmental review laws and social assistance programs.

By a vote of 49-31, Bill C-38 passed through the Senate Friday afternoon, with the Tories using their majority to get approval for the government’s budget implementation bill.”


Budget bill should be called the Lobbyists’ Bill, it’s a gift for oil and gas lobbyists

Budget Bill References:

The omnibus Budget Bill C-38, includes among other things:

-Allows livestock that have died due to sickness or injury prior to being slaughterd to be butchered & sold to the public anyway; this will breed inhumane animal conditions.

-Eliminates the national spy agency CSIS watchdog;

-Allows American agents with the DEA and FBI to operate in Canadian territory;

-Moves the age of retirement to age 67, as if age 65 wasn’t old enough;

-Makes it difficult for people to receive EI, and if they do become unemployed, to accept wages as low as 70% of their true potential and in fields that their training is not utilized in;

-Eliminates regulation over freshwater waterways, for the sake of industrial potential (eliminating environmental regulations meant to protect – thus opening the door to major oil pipelines.)

-Eliminates regulation in rare fish habitat.


On fish and pipelines:,-picket-outside-of-MPs-Truro-office/1

On Processing Dead animals:

On FBI in Canada:

Factsheet on everything else:

Canada’s Budget Officer warns cons secret $5.2 billion in cuts may lead to Economic Crisis

June 24, 2012- Harper Government secrecy on $5.2 billion in budget cuts could lay groundwork for future economic crisis, Canada’s chief parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page warns.

Harper’s criminal government has kept secret on $5.2 billion in government-wide cuts which could lead to an economic crisis in Canada, says Canada’s chief parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page. Page’s office issued a legal opinion that harper’s conservatives who have not been transparent on budget cuts are

The latest source of contention: Page’s repeated and intensifying attempts to access information about how departments and agencies plan to implement $5.2 billion in cuts set out in the federal budget. Of the 84 departments queried, 64 did not share the requested details. Last week Page’s office issued a legal opinion that those departments and agencies are breaking the law.


June 23, 2012- Stephen Harper created his own worst enemy in the parliamentary budget officer

The Harper government’s refusal to cooperate with the parliamentary budget officer is a disgrace.

June 18, 2012- Tories breaking law by holding onto budget information, lawyer says

Winnipeg Free Press: Students send 59 cents to Harper, ask others to do same for refugee health
The goal is to get enough support from the Canadian public that the federal government will reverse its decision to cut supplemental health benefits to refugees during their first year in Canada.

59 Cents Campaign
It shows people finding loose change in couch cushions and sock drawers, then mailing it to the prime minister.

We at the 59 Cents Campaign find the Canadian Government’s decision to cut portions of refugee healthcare by means of the Ministerial Order of Hon. Jason Kenney, published April 25, 2012 to be unacceptable.

We believe that if Canadians stop to consider the effect which these changes will have on the most vulnerable portion of our global society, that our country’s annual savings of 59 cents per person to keep the Federal Interim Health Program open for refugees will be seen as insignificant.

The changes are set to take effect June 30, 2012, therefore, we have put together the 59 cent campaign in which we are asking all Canadians to place 59 cents in an envelope and send it to the Prime Minister’s office to let him know that we will not stand for these cuts.

In 2011 Canada was proudly a place of hope and healing to 25,000 refugees; this is a fact in which we take pride and wish to take pride in for generations to come.

Striking Quebecers are getting creative. Protesters — dubbed ‘casseroles’ — took to the streets with pots and pans in Montreal and other Quebec cities this week. But loud noise wasn’t the only thing they’ve created. Take a look at this beautiful black-and-white video going viral at the moment.

Manifestation à Montréal contre la hausse des frais de scolarité et la loi 78. Les gens se retrouvent à des coins de rues pour faire le plus de bruit possible à l’aide de casseroles.
Un grand merci à Avec pas d’casque et Grosse Boîte pour la musique!
Protest in Montreal against the rise of tuition fees in Quebec and the new law 78.

Every evening at 8pm people meet in the street with their pots and pans and make all the noise they can. A big thank you to the band Avec pas d’casque and their record label Grosse Boîte.

In the news:

Montreal Gazette: Pots and pans bang in protest throughout Quebec

Going viral: Pots and pans protest in Montreal

‘Pots and Pans’ Protest in Montreal Grows Louder as Showdown Nears


He’s been the face of environmentalism for decades, but the tide has shifted in Canada, he says. Now calls himself a ‘liability’

Territories rank low on climate

*** Update ***

David Suzuki forced to resign from board of foundation by “vicious” media attacks
BC environmentalist David Suzuki says he stepped down due to media and political attacks threatening the foundation bearing his name. But staff say it’s not a ‘divorce’—he’ll continue to work as a volunteer.