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Since his announcement that, “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine,” Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been a constant source of entertainment for late-night television hosts.



If Hollywood decides to bring his story to the big screen, which actor should play rob Ford?

Here are some actors that could play Rob Ford.


Which of the following actors you think could pull it off?

Offer your suggestions.


Why People Think Rob Ford’s Homophobic

(1) He Raised A Ruckus About City Funding For LGBTQ
As a city councillor back in 2005, Ford sparked controversy by speaking out against city funding for LGBTQ programs.

“I don’t understand. Number one, I don’t understand a transgender. I don’t understand. Is it a guy dressed up like a girl, or a girl dressed up like a guy? And we’re funding this for – I don’t know, what does it say here – we’re giving them $3,210?”

(2) He Voted Against Funding To Fight AIDS
Four years before becoming mayor, Ford caused controversy by voting against the city spending $1.5 million to fight AIDS.

“If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get AIDS probably,” he said in council chambers. “That’s the bottom line…. How are women getting it? Maybe they are sleeping with bisexual men.”

(3) He Spoke Out Against Funding Pride Week
Then, just three years before becoming mayor, Ford said the city shouldn’t be “supporting sexuality” with taxpayer money.

“Do we have a straight parade? Do we have a heterosexual parade? Do we fund that? No, so I don’t know why (are we) funding other things like that?”

(4) He Refuses To Take Part In The Pride Parade
Since becoming mayor in 2010, Ford has never taken part in the Pride parade, always maintaining it conflicts with an annual trip to the family cottage.

However, during a debate in February, Ford admitted he does not participate because it’s just the way he is

“I’m not going to go to the Pride parade,” he said. “I’ve never gone to a Pride parade. So I’m not going to change the way I am.”

(5) He Reportedly Used A Homophobic Slur Against Trudeau
According to The Toronto Star, Ford called Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau a “f-g” in the 2013 video that appeared to show him smoking crack.

(6) He Didn’t Want The Rainbow Flag Flying At City Hall
Ford took exception to a rainbow flag raised at City Hall in support of gay athletes competing in the Sochi Olympics. Russia passed a number of heinous anti-gay laws this year.

“This is about the Olympics, this is about being patriotic to your country,” he said. “This is not about somebody’s sexual preference.”

Ford was unsuccessful in his attempt to have the flag removed.

(7) He Was Angry Tim Hudak Agreed ‘With All The Gays’
Ford was recorded in an Etobicoke bar in April criticizing former Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak for agreeing that a rainbow flag should also fly at Queen’s Park during the Olympics.

Ford suggested Hudak just went along with what a “gay organization” wanted.

“Tim Hudak comes out and says ‘yeah I agree with all the gays,'” Ford is heard saying. The mayor said Hudak “lost his vote.”

(8) He Refused To Give Standing Ovation To WorldPride Organizers
In July, Ford was the sole member of council not to stand and applaud organizers and staff who worked on the WorldPride festival. He refused to say why but told reporters after that he is not homophobic.

(9) He Is Against Helping Out Gay Homeless Youth
A day after the standing ovation controversy, Ford was the only member of Toronto city council to vote against a proposal to help gay homeless youth.

The motion urged city staff to study allocating 25 per cent of beds in a youth shelter to LGBTQ+youth and possibly create a shelter just for them. It passed 37-1.



Would you like to see Rick Mercer as Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador?

I’d like him to be premier. Rick Mercer has the ability to inspire and challenge Canadians through humour ( the “Rick Mercer Report”)

I like his leadership in support of charitable causes:
Rick Mercer is an active supporter of a wide range of charities from LGBT advocacy group PFLAG to Spread the Net, an organization he co-founded with Belinda Stronach that distributes mosquito nets to reduce the rate of malaria infections in Africa.

According to the charity’s website, Spread the Net has protected the lives of 2.5 million children and pregnant women since 2007.

Rick Mercer has the grit, the smarts and the public profile to warrant some consideration for the province’s highest office, or any other province for that matter.

>> He’d be one of Canada’s top tourist attractions.
>> Question period would be comedy hour: Newfoundland and Labrador’s House of Assembly would become a house of laughs with him in charge.

>> He can beat back Canadian stereotypes: Just imagine what he could do to defeat perceptions about Newfoundlanders.

>> He even has his own ice cream: Now THAT’S how you convince young people to go out and vote.

He can influence public opinion on a whim : Few can forget the time he convinced people that Stockwell Day should change his first name to “Doris.”

>> He’s on the right side of almost every issue

>> Rick Mercer is not Rex Murphy. He is funnier, more articulate, better informed and, frankly, just easier to listen to than the CBC pundit.

Besides, he looks every bit the statesman. So why couldn’t he play the part?

Many of political rants have become YouTube sensations. Here are the ones (16 videos) I like the most.

Rick Mercer’s Best Rants

















If I see a mouse put forth this kind of effort… the mouse deserves to live in my house…





Canadian Words 1



The problem is so bad that it’s basically the provincial motto now

Saskatchewan 1

Even the premier of the province has struggled with the name
Saskatchewan Party misspells Saskatchewan in TV ad

French speakers can’t even figure out the gender

*There seems to be a bit of confusion about the gender of Saskatchewan. According to the government’s official website and the Fransaskois (French-speaking inhabitants of Saskatchewan), the province is feminine, but many dictionaries and websites continue to err in claiming it is masculine.

And this misspelling business has some deep roots

The name is derived from that which was first applied to the Saskatchewan River. In the Cree language it was known as Kisiskatchewani Sipi, or “swift-flowing river”. The explorer Anthony Henday’s spelling was Keiskatchewan, with the modern rendering, Saskatchewan, being officially adopted in 1882 when a portion of the present-day province was designated a provisional district of the North West Territories. Achieved provincial status in 1905.

Source: Hamilton, William B. (1978): The Macmillan book of Canadian place names, Macmillan of Canada, Toronto, p. 293.

Things Saskatchewan People NEVER Say

Saskatchewan 2



Duct Tape 1


Charlie Angus has the reactionary blues.

The musician and NDP member of Parliament has released a new song with his band, Grievous Angels, shining a light on what he sees as the “low lights” of the year in politics.

He calls Harper Conservatives “Thatcher’s ugly children.”


They’re melting down the ice caps And raising up the trolls.
Putting shutters on the windows And burning all the notes.
The climate bell is ringing
But they’ve turned it back to snooze. I’m here a-singing the reactionary blues.
There’s a war you never heard of
Better join the big parade
Or they’ll cut off all your funding
That’s how they play the game.
We ain’t in this all together or don’t you watch the news
They want you all singing the reactionary blues.

They’re Thatcher’s ugly children
And their world is black and white.
They’re hunting down the rainbow
And spoiling for a fight.
They’ll put you in a message box
Where nothing is really true
Leave you there a singing the reactionary blues.

It’s about pressing all the buttons
And turning all the screws
It’s about a Third World in the Northland
Where the children always lose
The fat cats are feasting on your future
Like they always do
While you’re left a singing the reactionary blues.

I saw a Maple leaf a-flying
That wasn’t ripped or torn
I saw a world that needed healing
Where little dreams were born.
It’s gonna take a lot of effort
To rebuild all the things they blew
And we’ll never sing again
The reactionary blues

No I don’t want no more
of your reactionary blues.


Welcome to Canada


Cat in the snow


Farted snow


Hot flashes




Parking in


Phone For u




I found these pics on the web. They made me laugh.

Bob Mann leans against the 5 meter high snowman he built in the front yard of his London, Ontario home on Tuesday, January 1, 2013.

Read more…


Canada Snowman Basketball


Hilarious stuff!