The Global Peace Index measures peace in 162 countries according to 22 indicators that gauge the absence of violence or the fear of violence. This is the 8th year the index has been produced.

2014 Global Peace Index

Institute For Economics & Peace
Canada ranked 7-th

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Youth, Optimism and Peace

Conversation with Steve Killelea
In an interview with David Gibbons, Steve Killelea talks about what inspired him to create the Global Peace Index and what he lessons has learnt along the way.

Trends in peace
There are many studies around the world that report conflicting trends in peace and violence. This article clears up a few of the grey areas and identifies long and short term trends in levels of global peace.

Random Facts of the Week
From ISIS, to depression rates in Scandinavia, to guava juice, take a look at the random facts our team has learnt this week.