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Source: Angus Reid online survey, June, 2014

NOTE: Prince Edward Island was not polled.

9. Greg Selinger, Manitoba (NDP)
Approve: 26%
Disapprove: 66%
Unsure: 8%

8. David Alward, New Brunswick (PC)
Approve: 29%
Disapprove: 59%
Unsure: 12%

7. Kathleen Wynne, Ontario (Liberal)
Approve: 33%
Disapprove: 59%
Unsure: 7%

6. Christy Clark, British Columbia (Liberal)
Approve: 37%
Disapprove: 56%
Unsure: 7%

5. Dave Hancock, Alberta (PC) (Interim)
Approve: 39%
Disapprove: 38%
Unsure: 23%

4. Philippe Couillard, Quebec (Liberal)
Approve: 59%
Disapprove: 35%
Unsure: 7%

3. Tom Marshall, Newfoundland and Labrador (PC) (Interim)
Approve: 59%
Disapprove: 28%
Unsure: 13%

2. Stephen McNeil , Nova Scotia (Liberal)
Approve: 66%
Disapprove: 23%
Unsure: 11%

1. Brad Wall, Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Party)
Approve: 67%
Disapprove: 28%
Unsure: 5%




Worst PM Since 1968

Data comes from an Angus Reid online poll of 1,510 Canadian adults taken from August 30 – August 31, 2012. The margin of error is +/- 2.5 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

More than a quarter of Canadians think Stephen Harper is the worst prime minister since 1968, according to a new poll from Angus Reid.

The findings come hot on the heels of a poll from Abacus Data which found 50 per cent of Canadians disapprove of Harper. The findings also agree with an informal poll on the best prime minister ever conducted by HuffPost Canada earlier this year in which readers ranked Harper dead last.

In the Angus Reid survey, Harper was judged most harshly by Atlantic Canadians, Quebecers and British Columbians.

8.   John Turner – 2 per cent
Served from June 30, 1984 – September 17, 1984.

7.   Paul Martin – 4 per cent
Served from 2003- 2006

6.   Joe Clark – 5 per cent
Served from June 4, 1979 – March 3, 1980.

5.   Kim Campbell – 6 per cent
Served from June 25, 1993 – November 4, 1993.

4. Jean Chrétien – 9 per cent
Served from 1993- 2003.

3.   Pierre Trudeau – 11 per cent
Served from 1968 – 1979 and from 1980 – 1984.

2.   Brian Mulroney – 17 per cent
Served from 1984 – 1993.

Not Sure – 19 per cent

1.   Stephen Harper – 26 per cent
Has served from 2006 – present.

Best PM Since 1968

8 (Tie)   – John Turner – 1 per cent
Served from June 30, 1984 – September 17, 1984.

8 (Tie)   – Kim Campbell – 1 per cent
Served from June 25, 1993 – November 4, 1993.

6.   Joe Clark – 2 per cent
Served from June 4, 1979 – March 3, 1980.

5.   Paul Martin – 4 per cent
Served from 2003- 2006

4.   Brian Mulroney – 5 per cent
Served from 1984 – 1993.

3.   Jean Chrétien – 11 per cent
Served from 1993- 2003.

2.   Stephen Harper – 16 per cent
Has served from 2006 – present.

Not Sure – 24 per cent

1.   Pierre Trudeau – 36 per cent
Served from 1968 – 1979 and from 1980 – 1984.



Two Toronto groups want Canadian workers to call in sick en masse as a protest against ‘the attacks of the one per cent.’ ‘Harperitis’

Two Toronto groups are exhorting Canadian workers to call in sick en masse next Tuesday, on May Day, as a protest against “the attacks of the one per cent.”

Members of the groups wearing yellow smiley-face masks unfurled a nine-metre-wide banner Tuesday morning from a bridge over Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway, telling motorists that next Tuesday, observed in dozens of countries as a workers’ holiday, is “a good day to be sick.”

An accompanying news release says “people are suffering with Harperitis and have serious headaches from Fordotrophy,” referring to right-wing Toronto mayor Rob Ford, “which makes it really hard to work and make a living. They should call in sick on May 1…. A nice day in the sun will help.”

International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda is apologizing publicly for charging the taxpayers for a pricey hotel upgrade in London. Oda attended a London conference on international immunizations last June and refused to stay at the five-star hotel where the meetings took place. Instead, she booked into the posh Savoy hotel at more than double the cost. Oda repaid the difference between the two hotels, as well as a cancellation fee at the first establishment. The opposition wants to know why she hadn’t offered to repay the costs of a car and driver that cost the taxpayer an average of nearly $1,000 per day.

Bev Oda may be in hot water for her champagne tastes, but by no means is she the highest-spending member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet.

That distinction goes to Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, who has racked up the biggest travel and hospitality tab of any of his Conservative colleagues in recent years.

Since March 2010, his expenses for trade missions to places such as Italy, Turkey, Indonesia and Japan have totalled $271,489.

Here are the top MP expenses for 2010, as well as the top hospitality spenders and travel spenders.
Top Spenders 3. Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh – $584,966.37
Top Spenders 2. Conservative MP Richard Harris – $585,074.90
Top Spenders 1. Conservative MP Steven Fletcher – $803,108.54
Manitoba Conservative MP Steven Fletcher spent the most money, $803,109 in 2010 — but as quadriplegic MP much of his budget, $493,462, went to pay for specialized staff. Fletcher has since taken a temporary medical leave from Parliament.
Top Hospitality Spenders 3. Conservative MP Paul Calandra $9,481.32
Top Hospitality Spenders 2. Conservative MP Lisa Raitt $9,621.33
Top Hospitality Spenders 1. Conservative MP Richard Harris – $9,760.51
Top Travellers 3. Conservative MP Jim Abbott – $200,090.55
Top Travellers 2. Conservative MP LaVar Payne – $211,588.48
Top Travellers 1. Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh – $213,740.40

We want young Albertans to think about voting strategically. Find out who in your riding has the best chance of winning against the Wildrose Party – even if it’s the PCs. We’re not affiliated with any political party – we just know who we DON’T want running our province
Here are some reasons to keep Wildrose out:
Their “conscience rights” proposal, which would allow doctors and marriage commissioners to refuse services based on their own morals:
Wildrose Party’s idea of “conscience rights” is discriminatory
Candidate Ron Leech, who says being white gives him an advantage
Candidate Allen Hunsperger, who says gay people will “suffer the rest of eternity in the lake of fire, hell”
Their plan to write $300 checks to all Albertans from budget surpluses – instead of investing in the province

Alta. Wildrose leader has doubts about science on climate change

Smith dodges climate change questions
Wildrose Party Leader suggested climate change science inconclusive

Wildrose Party Leader Danielle Smith is refusing to clarify whether she doubts that global warming is being caused by human activities.
Read more….
Wildrose leader under fire for questioning science behind climate change
Danielle Smith Wildrose views on moral issues

The two minute video you need to watch before you vote on April 23rd.

Responses from Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith on important moral issues from May 2011. The full 9 minute interview is found here:

Staples: Does Danielle Smith like Edmonton? A fair and important question
Why B.C. voters should worry about Danielle Smith and the Wildrose party in Alberta

The province’s election issues are the some of the most difficult this era and could unleash vast social, political change. The facts

Redford slammed in debate

Grits force out Tory salaries

Star columnist faces the fearful truth about Stephen Harper

Cribb: Harper’s secret weapon? The ‘Truth Plane’
It appears Canadians were not solely responsible for giving Stephen Harper a majority government in the federal election.

Behind the scenes, Mark Bowden made us do it.

The British-born, Toronto-based body-language expert worked with Harper on his TV-debate optics in an effort to make him appear more statesmanlike and confident to our unconscious eye.

The results speak for themselves.
There’s a criminal roaming free, responsible for international war crimes and climate crimes. In order to fill corporate and military coffers he attacks indigenous people, refugees, Muslims, women, workers, public services, civil liberties, free speech and democracy. But from the Arab Spring to the Quebec student strike people around the world are rising up. We can stop Harper’s regime and the rest of the 1%, and build a better world for the 99%.


‘Connect with Mark Kelley’ and CBC Radio’s ‘Dispatches’ are among the programs that will take hits. Is your favourite show going?


Strong words from Thomas Mulcair prove that the issue of gun control in Canada isn’t settled by a long shot. Liberals react

If you thought the decade long debate about the long-gun registry was over, you are sadly mistaken.