What You Would Change About Canada?

Here are some views:

When asked to write about what I Would Change About Canada:

Rosie Maclennan
Olympic Gold Medallist, Trampoline

I want to change sport in this country to make it more accessible to our kids. I see too many Canadian kids not able to participate in sport; not afforded the chance to be a part of a team, be active or learn new skills. One of the biggest barriers is due to the rising costs of participating in sport.

Rose Reisman
Health and Wellness Expert, Caterer, Restaurateur, and Author

We have to take responsibility and understand our own triggers for eating these foods and why we continue to put them into our shopping carts. We have to read labels more carefully and understand the guidelines for a healthy diet, so we won’t get lured into these traps. This is not impossible.

Danko Jones

When I was asked to write about what I would change in Canada, I hemmed and hawed and scratched my head in total bemusement. I finally hyper-focussed on the fact that, although Canada boasts the longest coastline as the second largest country with ninth highest standard of living in the world, it also contains the highest amount of shitty drivers.

Noah Richler
Author, Broadcaster

If I were able, I would change the map. There are a few options here, but for any of these we’d no longer be sitting on top of the United States and, as we are constantly told is the case, we’d not see ourselves as huddled along the border — crouching almost.

Alyson Schafer
Parenting expert

This was a no-brainer for me because my whole life’s work is dedicated to making ONE change to Canada. It’s my mission statement: “To make parent education as acceptable and accessible as pre-natal classes.” Taking a parenting class is responsible parenting. Isn’t it a shame there is a stigma for improving one’s self?

Richard Florida
Professor, NYU & U of T, Senior Editor, The Atlantic

Though this might have a counterintuitive ring, Canada’s mayors — the people who are directly responsible for Canada’s cities and the most accountable to their citizens — should have the power to make decisions about local needs and infrastructure, and the ability to raise the money they need to carry out their plans.

Vikram Vij
Author, Chef and Co-owner of Vij’s and Rangoli restaurants

Since I came to Canada in 1989, it’s been very important to me to spread the word of Indian cuisine to as many people as possible. I think it is gaining momentum, but attitudes towards ethnic food, and the boundaries around the way it is presented, still need to evolve.

Jully Black
Singer, Songwriter, Performer

If I was handed a magic wand, I would erase all of the unsaid fear that a lot of the executives at radio stations, record companies, corporate brands, television and print media outlets have in promoting and celebrating our domestic R&B soul singers. I would urge them to passionately and freely support the artists of this genre in ways that are equal to the artists of other genres.

Karen Kain
Artistic Director, The National Ballet of Canada

If I could change one thing about Canada, it would be to place a greater emphasis on the study and practice of arts education at every level. There is a widespread presumption that schools nowadays must focus almost exclusively on science, technology, engineering and mathematics if students are to be properly prepared to face the future.

Scott Vrooman
Comedy Writer/Performer

Why does Canada still retain any connection to monarchy? In all of our recent indignation over the totally predicable abuse of power by unelected, unaccountable senators, we’ve overlooked an even sillier layer of law-making: royal assent.

Craig and Marc Kielburger
Co-Founders, Free The Children

This is what we would change about Canada: Compulsory volunteer hours as part of a holistic service learning model — in every classroom in the country. Formal instruction should help students learn the root causes of whatever social deficit their volunteer hours help fill. Every school should be granted funding and the resources needed to adapt their own service-learning model.

Robert Cohen
Television and feature writer/producer, and director

Is being Canadian just some sort of patriotic “feeling”? Is it some intangible country specific pride? I set out to change what non-Canadians thought of us but it turned out I didn’t know myself. Figuring it out has become a personal quest.

Jenn Grant

Do you know how many beautiful indigenous children there are, right now, living under the poverty line in Canada? Half of all status First Nations children are living in poverty and that number goes up to more than 60% in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. For M├ętis, non-status and Inuit children the number living in poverty is still shockingly high at 27%.

Rick Hansen
President and CEO, Rick Hansen Leadership Group

My goal has always been to build an even greater awareness of our need to move from a view that accessibility is just about getting in and out of buildings to a view of intentionally designing and creating fully inclusive communities, so that people with disabilities can fully participate.