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Oil sands among riskiest energy plays in the world: report
Riskiest Oil Projects Are in Canada

A study by the Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI) highlighted 20 of the biggest projects around the world that need a minimum oil price of US$95 per barrel to be economically viable.

Here are the nine riskiest Canadian oil extraction projects listed by CTI.

ConocoPhillips’ Foster Creek oilsands mine

ConocoPhillips plans oilsands expansion
Construction to start this year

Shell’s Carmon Creek oilsands mine

Shell’s Carmon Creek oilsands project gets green light

ConocoPhillips’ and Total’s Surmont oilsands mine

Conoco, Total to expand oil sands project

Exxon’s Aspen oil sands mine

Exxon’s Kearl oil sands mine

Imperial to start selling crude from Kearl oil sands project

ConocoPhillips’ Christina Lake oilsands mine

BP’s Sunrise oilsands mine

Chevron and ConocoPhillips’ Amauligak Arctic Drilling Project

Chevron and Shell’s Athabasca oilsands mine

Clean enough for California? The promise of steam-assisted gravity drainage in the oil sands

Oil sands, deepwater among riskiest energy plays in the world, report says

Deeper Than Deepwater: Shell Plans World’s Riskiest Offshore Well
Ignoring risks, Shell gears up for production of world’s deepest offshore well

Alberta Oil Sands exhibit – British Columbia photographer Garth Lenz

About Garth Lenz
Garth Lenz: The true cost of oil
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Tar Sands Oil Extraction – The Dirty Truth

David Suzuki On The Alberta Tar Sands