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To The Governments Of Canada And British Columbia: SIGN THE PETITION — Dogwood Initiative

BC’s Huge Gamble, asks the question of what British Columbians are willing to risk in exchange for several hundred new jobs.

The short film lays bare not only the environmental and economic detriment to be expected if the Northern Gateway Pipeline is approved, but it also expounds Enbridge’s disregard for the health of residents as well. Posing a threat to the province’s coastal communities, unique rain forests, commercial fisheries and thriving tourism industry.

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Please mirror and share with every British Columbian, Canadian, and world citizen who wants to protect the BC coast, Great Bear Rainforest, and our way of life. Enbridge Inc, with their horrible spill record, wants to build a pipeline thru the heart of BC and run tankers up and down our rocky coasts. Whats most amazing, is what we get in return for this HUGE gamble, watch to see…

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BC’s Huge Gamble – short film – Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline – YouTube.


Oil executive son’s testimony at Prince Rupert Northern Gateway pipeline joint review panel

Which path will we choose? Please read and share widely.‏

oil executive

The most moving moment of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel hearings in Prince Rupert which wrapped up Saturday were spoken by Lee Brain, the 26-year-old son of an oil executive

Here is an excerpt of his speech

So, if on one hand, you had an unpredictable path, that leads into a new dream, a new way of life for all of mankind and on the other hand, you had a predictable path that leads to the slow, inevitable decline of a civilization.

Which path would you choose?