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I found these pics on the web. They made me laugh.

Bob Mann leans against the 5 meter high snowman he built in the front yard of his London, Ontario home on Tuesday, January 1, 2013.

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Canada Snowman Basketball





A glowing North Vancouver view last night






Sunrise at Niagara Falls




Chateau Frontenac Quebec City



Uranium City
One of the more famous ghost towns in Saskatchewan is Uranium City. It was close to achieving city status and then collapsed upon the closure of the Eldorado Mine and the mass exodus of its population. Today, roughly 70 people inhabit the town in order to keep it alive.


White Otter Castle
White Otter Castle near Atikokan, Ont. is a three-storey castle by Jimmy McOuat. An eccentric hermit, he built the castle between 1903 and 1915 as a dowry for a woman he wanted to marry. In 1918, McOuat drowned while fishing and is buried next to the castle. The property remains abandoned.

Bayer’s Lake Mystery Walls
Bayer’s Lake Mystery Walls in Halifax, Nova Scotia is a mystery that has stumped Nova Scotians for decades. Located near the province’s capital, these fortified stonewalls are unknown in origin, abandoned by someone hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years ago. The most logical explanation that’s often used is that it could have been a military installation.

Fort San
Fort San, or the Fort Qu Appelle Sanitaruim, is a former sanitorium opened in 1917 to house tuberculosis patients. A self-sustaining village, it had its own power house, gardens, livestock and more. In the 1960’s, the building was used as the Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts then the HMCS Qu’Appelle Cadet Summer Training Centre. In the 90’s,it was re-purposed as the Echo Valley Conference Centre, which was closed down in 2004.
Fort San

Giant Mine
Just north of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories was a large gold mine discovered in 1935 by Johnny Baker. It wasn’t until 1944 that the mine’s massive gold deposits were discovered. From 1948 to 2004, the mine produced over 220,000 kgs of gold. In 2005, Miramar Giant Mine Ltd., the group responsible for maintaining the mine, ditched their duties and the Giant Mine officially became abandoned.

Val-Jalbert in Quebec, just 8km northwest of the town of Chambord, Que., was first built in 1901. Its location at the base of Ouiatchouan Falls allowed it to be a successful pulp mill for many years until it was suddenly closed in 1927 and the entire town was abandoned. All the remains are sixty well-preserved buildings.

Ireland’s Eye
What was once a fishing village by Smith Sound, Trinity Bay in Newfoundland from the 1880’s to the 1960’s is now a ghost town. At its peak, the village’s population was at 157. However by the mid 60’s, the population fell to 16, all who later fled to nearby counties. There are rumours that the village proved to be a hiding ground for the drug caches of local gangsters during the 80’s.

The Canada Malting Complex
The Canada Malting complex in Montreal, Quebec was built in the early 1900’s and thrived for many years, outputting 250,000 lbs of malt per year. In 1980s, the factory became too small and the site was abandoned. Due to vandalism and weather, the factory now sits in a major state of disrepair, though its silo remain part of the Lachine Canal National Historic Site.

Aspotogan Hotel
Construction of the Aspotagan Sea Spa began in 1993 but just a year later, the project ran out of money. Even though it’s been 20 years, no new business opportunities has come up and the space continues to sit half-built, abandoned and unused on the South Shore of Nova Scotia between St.Margaret’s Bay and Mahone Bay.

Riverview Hospital
The Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam, B.C. was first built as an asylum in 1913. Today its West Lawn site is completely abandoned making it so ideally creep that even “the X-Files” filmed an episode here.
X Files

Alma College
Alma College in St. Thomas, Ont. was a private school for girls built in 1878. In 1988, the school closed but grounds were still used until 1994 to teach primary school and music. From 1996 and onwards, the college traded hands several times, was gutted, fell into disrepair, was featured in the horror movie, “Silent Hill” until it was consumed by very mysterious fire in 2008. Today all that remains is the front gate and the chapel.
movie set

Mirabel Montreal Airport
Originally named Montreal International Airport when it opened in 1975, Mirabel Airport was the largest airport in the world — just in time for the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. It was meant to replace current-day Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport however, due to its location, the airport’s use declined and its last commercial flight was in October 2004. Today, the airport is used as a cargo airport and is a race car track.

Canol Heritage Trail
Canol Heritage Trail in the Northwest Territories is a route that follows along an abandoned World War II pipeline. Stretching 358 km in the Mackenzie Mountains, the trail one of the most challenging hikes in North America. On the route, there are relics from wartime construction which make for one-of-a-kind photo ops.

Halifax County Rehabilitation Centre
Halifax County Rehabilitation Centre operated as a municipal and provincial facility from 1941 to 2002. Located in Cole Harbour, it was abandoned for many years, used as a film set for the show “Trailer Park Boys” and eventually scheduled for demolition. In 2010, the centre caught fire, leaving it even more of a shell of its former building. At the end of 2011, the centre was again set for demolition but was set back again due to contaminants.

The Town Of Kitsault
Kitsault, B.C. has sat empty for nearly 30 years. Built in the 1970’s with the promise of being a thriving mining hub for minerals, it sat closer to the Alaskan border than any town. The town itself included 94 homes, 200 apartments, a hospital, mall, community centre and even a curling rink. Pictured here is the inside of one of the town’s grocery stores.

When stock prices for molybdenum (a metal used in the construction of steel) fell, the entire community evacuated, making it a ghost town. But this ghost town might have a second chance: in 2004 an entrepreneur bought the town for $5 million in cash. CBC reports that the town could be re-purposed as a hub for British Columbia’s growing liquid natural gas infrastructure.


Gorgeous Wedding Chapel in The Mountains of Canada



Taken in 1840. Before Canada was actually a country.

The picture of Niagara Falls was discovered in 1997 at Newcastle University in England, where it had been sitting forgotten in the Special Collections of the school’s library. Taken by British businessman Hugh Lee Pattinson on a trip to Canada, it was given to the school by his family.