The Kimchi Pountine
This may be the closest thing you can get to a Korean poutine. This one includes kimchi, soy sauce and cheese curds. Get the recipe from Honest Cooking here.

Thai Curry Poutine
This curry-infused poutine is super easy to make — only because it uses a store-bought demi glace sauce. Get the recipe from Dairy Goodness here.

Greek Poutine
Opa! This Greek-inspired poutine recipe include Kalamata olives and feta cheese instead of cheese curds. Get the recipe from Elva Jane here.

Butter Chicken Poutine
Chicken and a spicy buttery sauce. Intrigued?
Get the recipe from Suburble here.

Mexican Poutine
This Mexican-inspired poutine recipe includes sweet potato fries, chorizo and queso fresco — mmm. Get the recipe from Foodie with Family here.

Gnocchi Poutine
If you’re thinking Italian tonight, gnocchi poutine is the way to go. Instead of using French fries, this recipe uses gnocchi pasta instead. Get the recipe from Closet Cooking here.

Pizza Poutine
This may be more American than Italian, but this poutine recipe uses marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Get the recipe from Epicure Selections here.

Pork Confit And Foie Gras Poutine
Because poutine is originally a Quebec thing, French folk would love this foie gras addition to their fries and gravy. Get the recipe from Zeste here.

Curried Lentil Poutine
Lentils are a staple in several cultures — this curried poutine gets a wee bit of healthiness thanks to red lentils and baby spinach. Get the recipe from More Than Just Waffles here.

Sweet Potato Poutine With Miso Gravy
Going back to Japanese flavours, this miso gravy poutine with sweet potato fries will remind you of yam sushi! Get the recipe from Lynsey Loves Food here.

Poutine Nachos
Fine, this isn’t truly Mexican, but there’s just something appetizing about poutine shaped like nachos. Get the recipe from Cooking Channel here.

Chinese Poutine
This Chinese poutine is made with a garlic black bean sauce, soft tofu and Szechuan pepper. Get the recipe from No Face Plate here.

Guinness Braised Lamb Poutine
This beer and lamb poutine is the perfect combination of meat, potatoes and cheese. Get the recipe from the Small Boston Kitchen here.

Tunisian Poutine
This North African poutine recipe is topped with spicy merguez sausage made with lamb. Get the recipe from the Food Network here.

Jackfruit And Kimchi Sweet Potato Poutine
There are all kinds of international flavours going on with this poutine recipe — we love the idea of adding jackfruit. Get the recipe from The Taste Space here.