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Striking Quebecers are getting creative. Protesters — dubbed ‘casseroles’ — took to the streets with pots and pans in Montreal and other Quebec cities this week. But loud noise wasn’t the only thing they’ve created. Take a look at this beautiful black-and-white video going viral at the moment.

Manifestation à Montréal contre la hausse des frais de scolarité et la loi 78. Les gens se retrouvent à des coins de rues pour faire le plus de bruit possible à l’aide de casseroles.
Un grand merci à Avec pas d’casque et Grosse Boîte pour la musique!
Protest in Montreal against the rise of tuition fees in Quebec and the new law 78.

Every evening at 8pm people meet in the street with their pots and pans and make all the noise they can. A big thank you to the band Avec pas d’casque and their record label Grosse Boîte.

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Two Toronto groups want Canadian workers to call in sick en masse as a protest against ‘the attacks of the one per cent.’ ‘Harperitis’

Two Toronto groups are exhorting Canadian workers to call in sick en masse next Tuesday, on May Day, as a protest against “the attacks of the one per cent.”

Members of the groups wearing yellow smiley-face masks unfurled a nine-metre-wide banner Tuesday morning from a bridge over Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway, telling motorists that next Tuesday, observed in dozens of countries as a workers’ holiday, is “a good day to be sick.”

An accompanying news release says “people are suffering with Harperitis and have serious headaches from Fordotrophy,” referring to right-wing Toronto mayor Rob Ford, “which makes it really hard to work and make a living. They should call in sick on May 1…. A nice day in the sun will help.”