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Would you like to see Rick Mercer as Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador?

I’d like him to be premier. Rick Mercer has the ability to inspire and challenge Canadians through humour ( the “Rick Mercer Report”)

I like his leadership in support of charitable causes:
Rick Mercer is an active supporter of a wide range of charities from LGBT advocacy group PFLAG to Spread the Net, an organization he co-founded with Belinda Stronach that distributes mosquito nets to reduce the rate of malaria infections in Africa.

According to the charity’s website, Spread the Net has protected the lives of 2.5 million children and pregnant women since 2007.

Rick Mercer has the grit, the smarts and the public profile to warrant some consideration for the province’s highest office, or any other province for that matter.

>> He’d be one of Canada’s top tourist attractions.
>> Question period would be comedy hour: Newfoundland and Labrador’s House of Assembly would become a house of laughs with him in charge.

>> He can beat back Canadian stereotypes: Just imagine what he could do to defeat perceptions about Newfoundlanders.

>> He even has his own ice cream: Now THAT’S how you convince young people to go out and vote.

He can influence public opinion on a whim : Few can forget the time he convinced people that Stockwell Day should change his first name to “Doris.”

>> He’s on the right side of almost every issue

>> Rick Mercer is not Rex Murphy. He is funnier, more articulate, better informed and, frankly, just easier to listen to than the CBC pundit.

Besides, he looks every bit the statesman. So why couldn’t he play the part?

Many of political rants have become YouTube sensations. Here are the ones (16 videos) I like the most.

Rick Mercer’s Best Rants

















Richard Vincent “Rick” Mercer (born October 17, 1969) is a Canadian comedian, television personality, political satirist, and blogger.

Rick Mercer is Canada’s equivalent to The Daily Show. The man is our very best political satirist.

Mercer is known for making fun of Americans, but in his latest rant on Conservative attack ads he turns his comedic cannons back at us, Canadians.


Mercer targets a recent Tory commercial aimed at Liberal how-much-longer-are-we-going-to-have-to-keep-calling-him-interim-leader Bob Rae.

A Bob Rae attack ad from the Conservative Party targets the interim Liberal leader’s record as premier of Ontario.

Bob Rae wants to be Prime Minister
Bob Rae: if he failed at running a province, why does he think he can run a country?


The CBC comedian laments the “new normal in Canada — the never ending campaign” that he was hoping would disappear after the Tories won their majority. No such luck: “Welcome to hell.”

Mercer wonders why the Tories are bothering to attack the leader of the third party in the Commons at all. A Conservative friend had an answer.

“Why not? We’ve got so much money we could buy every ad available in a seven-game playoff series and the Olympics, and we’d still have more money left over than all the parties combined.”

And there’s the rub. We’ve gone American. Politics controlled by cash and elections plagued by dirty tricks have become the new norm. Except where they have checks and balances, we have practically unfettered power. Like he said, “Welcome to hell.”

Rick Mercer Robocalls Rant: Comedian Calls For Action From Governor General
Rick Mercer has delivered another robocalls rant and this time he wants action. Mercer is calling for the Governor General to appoint a Royal Commission to investigate the widening election scandal. Mercer says there is no hope of the cabinet calling a judicial inquiry to investigate their own party, because “That’s like asking Don Cherry to donate his brain to science. It’s not going to happen.”