The NDP’s Pat Martin suggested that the Conservatives may have stolen the 2011 election.

With their narrow 11-seat majority in Parliament, the Conservative Party is facing its most significant scandal since the 2011 election, after Elections Canada began an investigation into thousands of illegal ‘robo-calls’ traced to a Conservative-tied firm in Alberta. You could call it ‘Robo-Gate’. Vancouver Observer

Opposition slams ‘robocalls’ linked to Tories
Opposition members are calling for a police probe into claims that a string of fraudulent phone calls strategically placed last spring were aimed at suppressing the Liberal vote on federal election day.

‘Robocalls’ tried to discourage voters

Caller pretending to be Elections Canada told voters their polling stations had been moved

> Election day phone calls tried to discourage voters
> Calls likely led some voters to give up on voting
> Calls led to a chaotic scene at one polling station


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