A video that was focused on a “rubbing tree” visited by a variety of wildlife through day and night

It provides incredible insight into animal activity when humans weren’t around.


It looks like some kind of dance. I guess their itch just got un-bearable!

Despite their reputation as territorial hot-heads, bears in the wild actually possess a complex social structure that can make them seem downright charming. Meeting around a prized scratching post for some much-needed itch relief offers the animals an opportunity to familiarize themselves, easing tension while forming important kinship bonds

Sometimes, bears will even help each other out with those hard-to-reach places.


Among group animals, building a healthy social network means grooming. Though it can take on many forms, these kindly gestures of camaraderie serve an important role in the building of relationships, maintenance of good hygiene, and easing of tensions between members of a pack — and when done properly, it can be downright adorable.