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The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE or the Ex for short), officially opens on Aug. 15 in Toronto.

>> the not-so scary rides

>> Eating all kinds of weird, fatty and fried foods in the Food Building

>> the classic carnival stuff

>> go to TINY TOM Donuts first

>> the $1 spaghetti

>> for the crapola: All the random crap and cheap deals you find during the warehouse sales.

>> the free concerts with names you may not have heard of

>> go to the “Guess your age and weight” booth right outside one of the entrances to the food building at the Canadian National Exhibition.

CNE: Sizing up visitors with an educated guess

>> the gasp-worthy acrobatics

>> the not-so-glamorous casinos that still manage to take all your money
>> Or the booths where you think you’re saving money by betting $1

>> for all the free samples you get walking around

>> see how pretty everything looks at night

>> working at the Ex was probably one of your first jobs … or your next job

>> the animals are entertaining (dog show, cat show, the farm)

>> for getting all kinds of coupons with your admission ticket

>> Knowing that when the CNE wraps up, you’ve had an awesome summer.

And, … back to real life.


Source: WealthInsight
Percentage of population with a net worth above $1 million U.S.

Toronto ranks 15-th in the world among cities with the largest number of millionaires per capita, according to a study from WealthInsight.

Cities Per Capita 1






The basic premise is this: everybody makes money except the consumer.

On CBC TV’s Doc Zone:
The Condo Game examines the forces at play behind the fastest moving condo market in North America — Toronto – and discovers that the glittering glass hides a sea of troubles. The first startling revelation for many people will be how very much the condo market is focused on investor profit, not affordable housing. One expert even says that it’s really not primarily a housing market but a commodities play. And that means that average Canadians, just looking for a place to call home, are joining a game for which they don’t have the rule book.




“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”
~ Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience and Other Essays


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