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Source: Angus Reid online survey, June, 2014

NOTE: Prince Edward Island was not polled.

9. Greg Selinger, Manitoba (NDP)
Approve: 26%
Disapprove: 66%
Unsure: 8%

8. David Alward, New Brunswick (PC)
Approve: 29%
Disapprove: 59%
Unsure: 12%

7. Kathleen Wynne, Ontario (Liberal)
Approve: 33%
Disapprove: 59%
Unsure: 7%

6. Christy Clark, British Columbia (Liberal)
Approve: 37%
Disapprove: 56%
Unsure: 7%

5. Dave Hancock, Alberta (PC) (Interim)
Approve: 39%
Disapprove: 38%
Unsure: 23%

4. Philippe Couillard, Quebec (Liberal)
Approve: 59%
Disapprove: 35%
Unsure: 7%

3. Tom Marshall, Newfoundland and Labrador (PC) (Interim)
Approve: 59%
Disapprove: 28%
Unsure: 13%

2. Stephen McNeil , Nova Scotia (Liberal)
Approve: 66%
Disapprove: 23%
Unsure: 11%

1. Brad Wall, Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Party)
Approve: 67%
Disapprove: 28%
Unsure: 5%



The Rock
Yes, Dwayne Johnson’s father is Nova Scotia-born wrestler Rocky Johnson. As the first generation child of a Canadian, Johnson is eligible for Canadian citizenship. Johnson also played in the CFL for the Calgary Stampeders during the 1995 season, but was cut after two months.

James Doohan
Scottie was totally from Vancouver.

Emmanuelle Chriqui
The “Entourage” star was born in Montreal.

Frank Gehry
The world-famous architect was born in Toronto.

Rick Fox
The former NBA star was born in Toronto.

Norm Macdonald
The comedian is from Quebec City. Bonus points if you knew his brother is CBC journalist Neil Macdonald.

Nathan Fillion
The “Castle” and “Firefly” star was born in Edmonton.

Ted Cruz
The potential Republican presidential nominee was born in Calgary. However, because his mother is American, U.S. officials have ruled that he would be eligible to run for the presidency.

Men Without Hats
That’s right, “Safety Dance” came from a Montreal group.

Matt Groening
While born in Portland, Groening’s father Homer was born in Main Centre, Saskatchewan and so Groening is eligible for citizenship.

Lorne Greene
The “Bonanza” star was born in Ottawa.

Brendan Fraser
While born in Indianapolis, both of “The Mummy” star’s parents are Canadian and so he is entitled to Canadian citizenship.

Anna Paquin
The Oscar winning star of “True Blood” was born in in Winnipeg.

David Rakoff
The regular contributor to “This American Life” was born in Montreal.

Kim Cattrall
While the “Sex and the City” star was actually born in in the U.K., she moved to Coutenay, B.C., when she was just an infant.

Mia Kirshner
“The L Word” star was born in Toronto.

Carrie Anne Moss
The star of “The Matrix” was born in Burnaby, B.C.

Eric McCormack
The “Will and Grace” star was born in Toronto.

James Cameron
OK, you may have known this one already, but for some reason people are always forgetting that the “Titanic” and “Avatar” director was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario.

Monty Hall
The original host of “Let’s Make A Deal” was born in Winnipeg.