A Winnipeg man posted this hilarious ad looking for a roommate on Kijiji. Here are a few photos from the posting.

He wrote:

Finding a new roommate freaks me the hell out. No joke,… I’m currently living with a long-time friend, and everything has been going great… except he’s fallen in love with an aggravating waitress from Windsor Park and now the two of them want to run off and live together…. The apartment itself is nice, and a total bargain. Its relatively large and clean, … No axe murderers, no mimes/buskers, no creepy eyebrows, no gang-members, don’t be on the sex-offender registry, don’t steal my playstation. Try not to bring waitresses over, at least not at first. I need someone normal to take the second bedroom here, that’s all….

Roommate Ad 1

Roommate Ad 2